Water Fountain (Mandarin Version) [English Translation]

Alec Benjamin

[Verse 1: Alec Benjamin]
Remember when we first met, it was autumn
Remember how your eyes were under the red leaves
Remember how both of us had shyly smiled
That was when the curse of our love began
When the entire world seemed to stop for us
That was when I had more time to kiss your forehead
What shall the rest of our story be?
A coin was tossed into the wishing fountain
Let our heart’s desire act as a witness

[Pre-Chorus: Alec Benjamin]
No one imagined
The way it would turn out
Such disappointment
You keep getting further
Who is it that appeared and then left me?
Remembering at the wishing fountain who was supposed to shrink away

[Chorus: Alec Benjamin, Zhao Lusi, Both]
I don’t regret my choices to plunge into the river of love
I don’t regret my sadness over this weakness
Too young, I was too young
Experiencing the path with you, and
Experiencing confronting the night
Too young, I was too young
Too young, too young, too young, young

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