I said I'm high as a mothafucka
Don't plan on landin'
Sendin' out shots, no ship in the handling
Rock, why they hatin' on you n***a like a class man
Mad cuz I'm eatin' and they pockets is famine
Famine, damn man, I be gettin' in it
Kill em' with the flow, its a death sentence
Said if these bitches on my bumper hear they engine
But we don't ever stop, they be runnin' like the transit
Transit buses, baby I'm a monster
You are just a ogre, you ain't scarin' nothin'
I transform right after the blunt lit
Swisher so fat, look like I ain't even dump it
Dumb bitch you dumb if you think you fuckin' wit me
No make-up its gon get ugly
Like how I do it bitch
I get, I get, I get to it Twix
What you say? I ain't hear nobody
I'm busy chasing the money like it stole from me
They droppin' hundreds, I could never hold money
Remember back when a n***a had no money
But now I get paper, you would think that I print paper
You can see it in my face huh?
Caked up, stacked thick like make up
The truth I can't lie, I'm fly on days that end with "y"
And my watch says that all the time
You're late, just try and catch up, Heinz
I'm Rockstar, from the city of pine
High, dodging the mothafuckin' planes
The shit n***a you could see the mothafuckin' stains
That I left on the game it'll never be the same