Headed to the club, lookin' for a freak
L-lookin' for a freak, l-lookin' for a freak
Get a little love, and spread a couple cheeks
Spread a couple cheeks, spre-spread a couple cheeks

You know I'm (headed to the) club
You should come and have a drink with us
We be poppin' bottles to the air, look like sprinklers
Baby pour it on your chest, if you freak enough
I be into freaky stuff, freaky stuff, freaky stuff
And I just wanna see you shake it like a seizure
Drop it to your knees oh yeah I think I need her
Now go on bring it back, reverse
That a** phat baby what do you feed her?
I could feed her d**k though
Yeah get between her legs, maybe lick low
You know, tonight I'm tryna f**k
And if you tryna spread a little love girl I'm


[Verse 2]
Rooftop, bout to roll a blunt up
And I invite all bad b*t*hes come up
Yeah, and all the nasty b*t*hes run up
The ladies love me, I could probably get a nun up
But tonight, I'm lookin' for the student type
With a good brain on her shoulders
She could do me right, later, we should go study
Show me why you major in d**k suckin'
Its freak 101, uh welcome to sex school
Well I had that pu**y drippin' like a sweat suit
I hope you got your ID if you tryna find me baby cuz I'm