Pivot Gang

"SoHo Freestyle"

[Intro: Saba]
Yeah, ayy‚ yeah‚ ayy‚ ayy

[Verse 1: Saba]
Had a plan, grab a pan from out West, grabba bands
Girlfriend‚ she get sticky like a amphibian
I'm the man, 20 grand, Pivot Clan‚ that's my band
And that sh*t for life, but it ain't no tats on my skin
I get paid every K, then you hatin' and sh*t
Got a care on my head, but this Bape on my fit
Runnin' laps 'round the lands, on some Daytona sh*t
We fight wars with my boys, so I'm takin' the risk
Fight a fan, Ron Artest, you salty man, heart attack
They say that wouldn't happen' like a black man called the cab
Yellin' free my n***as until they all free, Carter V
You don't never say I'm circlin' sh*t in a Cadillac
Hand me the ball, I get involved
n***as they ain't f**kin' with Pivot no more
People was sleepin' on me and the boys and now we in the green
You can see the report
Rather me fail than see me in Forbes
If I take an L, then it was important
I treat the chat just like it's a toilet
All of my n***as we needed a portion
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