The Legacy
[Verse 1: Esoteric]
Esoteric is a life taker, deck you with a haymaker
Widow maker, camouflaged wind-breaker
Savage apparel for the hazardous Pharaoh
AOTP keep your bullet trapped in a barrel
Go ahead and circle your wagons while I'm reversing your patterns
Ski mask flow, I do everything in murderous fashion (bloaw!)
Perfect a**a**in, ghost protocol, Ethan Hunt
Demigod putting bodies in the trunk

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
Powdered out, Coka Nostra, scraping up the white lines
Outta town local yokels, hating from the sidelines
Light up a murder verse, fire like a burning church
Microphones sorta like a scalpel when the surgeon works
Gimme perverted nurses and librarians
Knowledge born through caesarian, Luciferian
Billy Crystal, who compares to him?
Shooting Romans out their chariots, always prepared to win

[Verse 3: Godilla]
Rise of the phoenix, or an iron b***erfly
Evidently proof our legacy couldn't die
No shook and jive, I took my time
Don't look behind, from books from lines, no hooks, just rhymes
A simpler time defined, by vinyl and boom box
Write a banger like the heat outta the shoe box
Technology killing the art like Suge did 2Pac
So I brought freedom to the back alleys and rooftops

[Verse 4: Fredro Starr]
Ayo it's real in the hood, blood spills by the liters
You can run to the store, get killed for Adidas
Why I keep more guns than Gilbert Arenas
Four-five or ninas, like I fill with heaters
Rather be on stage rockin' filled up arenas than
Stuck in the hood, fiends still trying to beat us
Hardcore b*t*hes catch chills when they meet us
Overcrowded jail cells fill with repeaters [?]

[Verse 5: Sicknature]
Sicknature throw a party (where)
Out the window like "Get the f**k out!"
Snowgoons, frost giants, show 'em what Ragnarok 'bout
Party turns independent, f**k a piece of crap at the major
We'll have your f**king a** on a stick like Vlad the Impaler
Industry rapper acting like puppets on chloroform
Call yourself monsters, you nothing but muppets and pokemon
Ya ain't spooky, my legacy tunes is killer cold fruity
Not even ten global warmings could melt the Snowgoonies
[Verse 6: Punchline]
I'll bring forth a legacy for y'all to remember me
Deposit made to the bank of your memory
Att**ude f**k the world like Ron Jeremy
Add to the fact that I need sex therapy
Era be etched in stone Face unknown
I'm famous, for breathing life to the microphone
Metaphors and rhymes, hard on my grind
On my tombstone write the greatest of all time

[Verse 7: REKS]
My name REKS, I bear the flag for the bottom of the bottle
The gone and forgotten brothers million man marching
I'm a marksmen, show off darts and red category
Add up all these rappers you'll be hard pressed to rep before me
Pawns be birthed in the laboratory
Somewhere in the M.A.-chaching, chaching-a**achusetts
As you choose who you in the booth with, be wary of me
Momma named me Cory, but you can call me Ruthless

[Verse 8: Thirstin Howl III]
Yeah yeah. Thirstin Howl the mother f**king third, on a Snowgoons tune (ha ha)
I'm the double-L, general, heaven, hell
Wedding bells, wear it well
Thirstin Howl, not no Gilligan sh*t
Never had a deal but I'm still in this b*t*h
Brownsville stripes, earned every one
Puerto Rican, sleepin', same cemetery Pun
Big vig low, crazy catalogue
My main b*t*h pu**y say Made in Panama
[Verse 9: Planetary]
Planetary, ATOP sh*t
OuterSpace, this is how it feels when the heat hit
Snowgoons sh*t, beats make the moon split
Even though the sun gonna shine when I move quick
I'm a living legacy that's heavily influenced
By the evils set through the tones of my music
I don't give two sh*ts, y'all just irrelevant
This is my house we pulling guns for the settlement

[Verse 10: Virtuoso]
In a rhyme cipher, you're futile like a blind sniper
I'll strike like a typewriter, hot sh*t like a fried diaper
In my dynasty, my legacy spread v*****s and dead MC's
Next level trees like forests that cover Lebanese
Border scorching devil weed Roll a gram and smoke this sh*t
Ignore the rebels, bleed slower than Milošević
You know me b*t*h, oh you don't, well who am I?
Virtuoso, supersized, flow thee foes euthanized

[Verse 11: Maylay sparks]
Mezzanine, through hawk eyes with Belgian beers and corkscrews
Grey goose spilled on my suede shoes, y'all fake dudes
Slaughter rap, broad street bully green a quarterback
Talk slick three hundred yards quick like Mike Vick
White kicks, tattoos drink pierce from ice picks
Might flip when trying to take the mic from my tight grip
The 'goons and Maylay Sparks, black attack, Guiness harp [?]
Iron swords hover over mixing board to keep it sharp

[Verse 12: Swann]
A young adolescent searching for a dream, willing to succeed
By any means taken every step to be seen
Every lyrics stronger than a blast
To be remembered when I'm gone, living legacy forever-lasting
This pen and paper got me through the hard times
Because of how I rhyme I'm ripping out, rocking, acting out of line
Divine style got you right to a T
If you ain't with us underground, stay the f**k out the scene

[Verse 13: Sav Kills]
Divine styler, whiler, rhyhme skills get fouler
Mic profiler, lights out and sessions out ya
Performers, I enter the stage they scream louder
Embrace the mic, I'm seein the sea they scream shout ya
Stadiums, Palladiums, Snowgoons who fating them
This from the essence, from the ground up we blazin' them
From the slums and the ghettos where they raised us from
We fan glorious, the crowd, we amazing them

[Verse 14: M-Dot]
Hot like a ghetto get to live in the [?]
Spit a rhetoric metaphor sentiments lifting your tenements
Residents feath'rin' senators, I menace and I reddit
My hand scrolls the evidence, my pen flawless excellence
You're the tiny little ittl bittle, find the fiddle
Mind is brittle, crime biddles, my rhymes define the riddle, middle
Name, Dot, first name Man, metal
Hit you, press rewind, Snowgoons bless the mind

[Verse 15: Reef the lost cauze]
Yeah, and the rest is mine
They needed a hero and I'm just in time, I'm a monster on them drums
The father to you crumbs, it's brotherhood
Snowgoons, godfathers to my son
Let the gats burst, I react first, these rappers lust to get their wax worth
But their wack verse only equals what the raps worth
Now wipe that smirk off your ugly f**king face before I smack earth
Wind, fire, empires, we build quietly
It's snowgoons forever, rise high as the sky should be
The legacy survives by me
Your favourite MC in here and that's who the f**k I should be
Keep your eyes on me, cause when my brothers decide it's beef I'm the guy who squeezed
Die violently, I f**king hate y'all publicly and privately
This is Snowgoons Dynasty