Slapbox With Jesus
[Verse 1: Virtuoso]
One slap and your jaw breaks, spitting in gods face, born between a rock and hard place
I travel through stargates, tear the fabric of time and starspace
When i feel rage I chew a steel cage and see how the bars taste
My shoulder block drop a tall building, mutilating small children. See i could give a f**k if gods willing
I rape dieties frequently, this is the last supper, so buckle up motherf**ker, pull up a seat and eat with me
I slapbox with Jesus, use a brick to drive the nails into his crucifix, use the virgin mary cervix to bruise my d**k
[?] using history as a sparring partner, blow a hole in Jehova, my shotty make a [law of order?]
Serve them like Arthur Ash, [?] punch through your ribs and punch your heart in half, i'll start the math
I keep more heat in body bags, jack Joseph, clap Moses, [broken?] black roses, lack focus, detach retiner rap [bogus?]
Twisted mathmatetical, fractured and cracked clavical
My sense of right and wrong is on sebatical, the living actual
[Ghost?] toast the apostle, vocally hostal starting explosions through both of my nostrals

[Verse 2: Virtuoso]
Snatch your soul from your epidermal, and trapping it up in deaths infernal he goes through seven levels of hell and i kept the journal
My breaths eternal my respirations recipricle, sadistic mystical viscious [linguistical?]
Spit a total eclipse or two, rip your crew, big bang block the moon b*t*hes bight immediately, if not soon
It's like c*ck in the womb of [?] bring chainsaws to knife fights, flippin on tracks since the mid 80's [?]
Oh you think you [might?] right? Well meet the soul swallower
The earths axis shifting off it's south pole demolisher The flow bottler, filled to the brim with [?]
I leave you attached to a bag, body or [?]
Possesive of my techniques, like s's after apostraphies on private property I will mutilate you attorocities
Methodically rewrite the oddesy, hot lava lobatomy, the ma** marauder I slaughter and slice your vital arteries

[Verse 3: Virtuoso]
In the ethereal realm of imperial, venerial to your stereo, pool bearers carry you to your burial
I kiss the pyramids, b*t*h are you serious to hear me spit on Apathy tracks that's a near death experience
The cliques nefarius we went from chariots and roping chicks with [?] under a different alias
You [?] pricks pop sh*t, [?] demi gods, you might as well just walk off a cliff like a lemming, dog
So many broads my ho's [?] lazy [?] slash you plasma drain away, till your epidermus turns a shade of gray
Lack of oxegen to your brain cause dysphasia, stab you off an insane razor the slit labias
[?] your flow over his histerectimy, Vocal vaesectamy, [genital chemichal?] dopamire, ecstasy
Don't ever sleep on the kid, don't dream next to me, cause i be hoarding organs for [?] recipes
Supreme weaponry, omnipitent opulent, transmission through conduits, commissioned by [consulates?]
Renditions so monsterous, to listen the consequence, is submission to dominance, that was written by god in the flesh
I'm like Ganesh meets [?] a sabre tooth is my pet [I'm at a] revolution losing Tibet
15 in the clip and 2 in your chest, skin you alive when i need a disguise, i'm using your flesh
Smoke a [?] with death puffing reefer with the grim reaper, satan sold to the studio [console] with [?]
[dig deeper?] than the liquid magma core of the earth
I'll bring the war to your turf, grenade launcher to the door of your church
Before i was birthed they was sure i was cursed, cause your boy was the first baby borns with horns in a hearse
[?] was first used to pick up all the pieces and [?] the son of god as i slap the sh*t out of Jesus