Final Call of the Barbarians (Dedication 2)
[Verse #1: Masta Ace]
I'm doing like I never been
The number 4 I'm like the king like Evelyn
Champagne in my gla** I forever pour Campaign
Long last ever roar like Daddy Kane
Your boys you glad he came I know
To the thunder and rain I grow
Head first with his slicker on
Stay dry go ahead get your liquor on and stay high
Savage over with the blaster
When they said "It was over for the master"
They's were wrong
I hope I'm not on that same sh*t they's were on
I promise I won't be here when they's were gone
But Mommy always told me that success
Was more than the journey than whose the best
But I push through the stress senseless
Stop what am being relentless

[Verse #2: Virtuoso]
1-2-1-2, big Virtuoso, Masta Ace, The White Shadow of Norway, Big Bang

Yo, It's Virtuoso, The White Shadow, Masta ace
These vocals of the mic battles out of a casket case
Lacerate your face smash the cake bake break
Blast ate away never physics Masta database
Face faded control your abandoned your vocals cannon
Exploded like it was random till you know you stand in
F**k the whole for ransom
It's all the same to me if I'm dead or alive
When you guys are useless
My minds elusive like every right I rhyme ruthless
I leave you blind stupid with crippled soup missiles
So vicious like shoe nickle just picked up of a new sickle
Rhyme raw is harvest so called artist all martyrs
The industry falls farther well y'all charge harder
Head first into brick walls avoiding any thick falls
Playing Kickball's through your stairwell but the Pharaoh spits raw
Fully under a**** rated the scholars full with the hatred
Pull your world under your eyes you go inside in the matrix
So we take it back to the basics don't flash your light
Slash your pipes with the mics past the grave in the afterlife
Slash your mic Jack the Ripper
Slap you a** no strippers
This is the fast ma** acid tripper
Make the last track get blisters
I spit addiction that causes friction viscosity breakdown
Battling me while you try to take down
Gorge St. Pierre honest while I hit 8 rounds
I'm the greatest claim chamber In Cape Town's
While you know we don't play around
You better stay down the fight is over
The master mic controller throw a deadly viper cipher cobra
The rifle holder the sniper soldier
Like Jehovah's rightly motor
Controlling when your life is over
Times up nice to know ya

[Verse #3: The ProblemAddicts]
Palms sweaty but my mind calm steady
Arms ready I don't have time to wait here raw ready
The confetti brain changing I said "You're my entertainment."
Masta Ace and Edo play Cd's that they can't contain it
Raiders get down which ya spits high spitters
Gets the rappers gettin' posing like a Ricky Powell picture
If the shoe fits split you own a** with the new kick
The nuisance never gave two sh*ts about our music
But this here is the new renaissance
To set upon your head sent from god
Been a long time coming which was against the laws
Still hit the bars and I do it extra large
This is the West Chopper it's more than a hobby
If you buying we can polly
It's the rap game everyday gets fat like salami
Catch a game paid to get in the beach since they spit in the streets
Their most p*ssed off since they slept on plastic sheets it's me

[Verse #4: The White Shadow of Norway]
You watchin' you're eyes wide open the scar scraper
Sparked up to shed light and Dark Ages
My heart races chasing dreams at part taken
Success tastes better after starvation
And the sonic vibrations organizes matter
My voice got the crowd in formation my arms waving
You the vibe one motion do or die down hoping lungs opened
You never leave a view in mind unspoken love glowing
Drowning out the hate the crowd shouts evocates
If you're in the back come closer for full gravitate
Break the ignorance in prison is us
I don't keep the company in the misery in loves
ProblemAddicts is legacy is written in blood
God caught Egyptians the river of flood
I don't make music to pop sh*t in the clubs
I make music for the crowd to care to fit in the clubs
[Verse #5: Edo. G]
I'm so relevant I do for the hell of it
Intelligent you telling me hustle you selling it
Delicate f**k you you sell of it
Ignorant rappers can't even sell that sh*t
Yeah, I'm smarter Hip-Hop martyr
Victory is sweeter when the fight is much harder
Today no one is investing cash
Stain no money in the hood you can get arrested fast
Edo save the best for last
Horses crooked Brooklyn my n***as you can get rested ma**
Crooked rappers can even get read it
Infuse it head contusion confuse 'em
Play win games coaches lose them
Any arts can get entertainment
Leave the legacy
Slots are filled there ain't no vacancy
Get rich or die trying broken
Leave them on for ProblemAddict