Return of the Fist
[Virtuoso Verse 1:]
I got a no cane in my veins and nerve gas in my heart
There ain't no shame in my game I'm tearing rappers apart
Artistic nihilist smash your skull with the Iron Fist
Lying wit the witch and the wardrobe like it spliffs
I'm a t**an betcha monolithic
Spit and scream finding mono physics
Proving there's not a difference
Between me and the guy though
Encrypted in the Holy Bible
Homie I moves are a cycle like a retard on a motorcycle
It's Big Virt Lord Lhus and the Savage brothers
This isn't rapper lovers this is the sh*t to smack your mother
Hit it from your back no rubbers
Raw dogging it
Your middle bro found some sh*t to spit the image then I father it
And then I'll slaughter it, and I'm monstrous
Dominant kamikaze attacking you smack you with a cactus long spit
A common tip blade drag back to the grenade
Shadows appear to vital organs blood poring on the stage, Big Virt

[Knowledge Verse 2:]
I never liked nothing, I didn't like to confront it
So I kept it real end of discussion
Kill the compet**ion you better run for cover
F**k me and my monks in your face and the slugs f**k ya
We ain't in the streets brother yeah I'm a landmine
You really want a step I see it in your eyes
Now whose scared now, now I'm a real demon
I'm a monster now I'm a menace I'm a f**king heathen
You burn big bucks under the city lights
Flip the whiskey sippin' on that get right
Think about life watch it fly pa** that's why we cop knives
That's why we puff that sticking it in your aching burn chokes you ain't gettin' the Kusch back
We ain't holding the team you better get back
I let Qualm off the leash man it's a rap
Savage Brothers what's f**king with that
Nothing warm liquor loaded guns that can bust quicker
Bull sinner roll up blindness swisher
Com-pet**ioner number one contender
The champions here my clique there just a bunch of gorillas
Wool and sheets and clothes holding
All of us hoping and words unspoken mouths open
Game over souls of hopeless give him a dose of dopiness
Never lose focus amongst the rats and roaches
The bears and sloths doing something when the snake approaches
Hoping to find me in the smoke Ladoga now hold this
Some magical sh*t it caused the planet to rip and burn and more to flip
Burn again now meet your maker sees the vapors
See ya later each one teach one payed the Peter Piper player
Hip-hop biologists politics slice your face up
Hip-hop biologists doses tries to keep up
Some Rock Bottoms spliff burn your paper
You can get it too man fish your facial
Before the razor laser imitates her
Plastic faker crack your shape up
Skeleton breaking the last orates her
I stand on my own tools Skelly f**k a shape up
Huh ski mask get my cake up
She said she hate the game but loves the player
I'm on my next sh*t level and take the elevator
And my phones off just call me later
F**k a friend f**k the favor
F**k you haters
Huh yeah it's like that Savage Brothers in the back with the ski mask
What the f**k you want
Never confront Hip-hop sh*t it's all you got