What We Live
[Verse One: K.T.]
Used to have blocks to smash, rocks in the stash
Now I breath life into beats like an oxygen mask
Pa** like a toxin gas
Got it locked in Ma**
And leave heads open like ox when it slash
A lot of y'all just rap, I'm an author of best sellers
Probably go platinum off an album of acapellas
Keep it gutter, gangsta, I keep it gully
K.T. spit, get more head than a skully
Why y'all think that: my flows the slickest
Thought pattern the quickest, and delivery the sickest
Cause I do this
N***as know to either to
Respect the grind or expect the nine
Now who wan' test what?
He gon' get touched
He won't get much, right hand gat clutch
From the streets with a star, beats to the bar
Hold to the cause
Money over b*t*hes, those are the laws

[Hook: Jaz-O/Big Jaz]
Here's what we live
Laugh a little and frown a bit
With minds only a crown could fit
With it through town with astounding chicks
But enough [?] you could drown in it
Then what is this?
When it's cool to snitch
When money spitting is counterfeit
Fables are squares, pulling pounds with rounds
And ain't holding nothing down but they nervousness

[Verse Two: Virtuoso]
Execute moves in a measured manner
Pecs will move heavy hammer
Heirs to wreck the rules, rebel man of my word
And Virt' swear on the honor system
That I hurt, tear and bomb the rhythm when the song is hitting
You in the wrong position
That's the opposing side
As cold as life look, there ain't a book too frozen [?]
I write pages like glaciers in the Ice Ages
And light flavors of doja and rice papers
F**k what y'all say
I do my thang on everyday of the week and get plenty play from the freaks
We go all out
And we never, look back, hold knowledge like a book bag
Nobody's ripping me cause dissing me
Is the kiss of death from a don in Sicily
Music's deep in my blood, the feeling's so strong
When you put this record on the needle stick in my arm


[Verse Three: Jaz-O/Big Jaz]
Yo, even if the ba** and treble was gone
Ain't no weed to smoke to get you high enough to the level I'm on
I done spit with the best MC's
Impressed MC's, still constantly rappers are testing me
Stay infesting beats
With the toxic grimy flows that bring tears to your fiber optics
Watch this rap cat as I snatch [?]
Blast on fools making 'em scared to blast back

You know my tongue
Spit more complete games than Cy Young
F**k with Virt', die young
Rap philanthropist
My wrists drip amethyst
Bring hell to your vision like television evangelists
I stole on your man and rolled up a gram
Got more chicks holding my d**k than you've had holding your hand
Smoke 'em pencil led pop
Yoke 'em in a headlock
Make you stomp your feet to the beat till you wear red socks/Red Sox