God Of Thunder
[Verse 1]
The king on horseback draped in chain mail
Swing a war axe, make it rain hail
Shrouded in clouds I'm pouting the crowds
With thunderous death marches
Fresh carca** litter my path slit into halves
Severian the torturer carrying the orchestra
Burying a fork in ya, ya'll faggots are done
Stabbing the sun with a harpoon
Flash in a dark room
You’re overexposed, ya'll the cast of a cartoon
I spark boom, smash the mizzenmast
Slash your gizzard fast
Crack your clavicle with magical wizardcraft
I sent apostles to slam dance with Pentecostals
Sounds pound down through the ground denting fossils
Slash the fabric of the universe
Slice through your tunic first
Right around the crotch now you a eunuch cursed
To a life of celibacy then I slice your wife’s mammaries
So she can no longer nourish your family
That’s the end of you, I don’t care if there’s ten of you
Send your crew and tell all your men to bring a friend or two
I bend a few bones like Plasticine, wrack your spleen up in knots
Manning the cannon and start busting shots
The war sniper, your fake hard rocks like formica
The new God of Thunder body slam Thor like a ragdoll
And bag y’all time for checkout
Slice from your head to your shoulders and pull your neck out

When the God of Thunder storms into the room
Crack boom crack boom
Come one, come all if you wanna brawl
I’m the mighty Thor, who’s ready for war?
I’m ready for war
When the God of Thunder storms into the room
Crack boom crack boom
Come one, come all if you wanna brawl
I’m the mighty Thor, who’s ready for war?
I’m ready for war

[Verse 2]
When I roll in the battle it’s a real bad omen
I slash through that a**, it’s the masterous shogun
Virtuoso and the Molemen, lurking in
The Trojan horse bringing the force of the Norse king Odin
Exploding, shock-waves are unbelievable
Your heads and necks rolling chop blades that’s unsheathe-able
Can’t stop slicing, y’all can’t stop lightning
Hand box bisons and throw mountain ranges that slam rock t**ans
Fighting prehistoric dinosaurs
Vicious aquatic carnivores
Virtuoso flows it’s like yo what the f**k you rhyming for?
I’m heavy and if I’m forced to riff I have to warn you I’m deadly
Thoughts will shift the sands supporting California
Collapse the continents
Perhaps my dominance is past your common sense
That’s the ominous task of a monolith
This rap’s so hard, kick it and your leg will shift
Attack your squad
Vicious on a Pegasus
Convince Hera to bear a son
A dark solar eclipse, her stomach burns and so her lips scream: “Where’s the sun?”


[Verse 3]
My style of quotes will beam a vial of dopamine
I choke your team with a rope of sheen material
Your verse has open seams
I wrote a dream for your subconscious
In which the big gorilla spills the blazing wax
Impact from my slaps is causing waves to crack
And transform into undertow
While your blunders grow I humble foes
My lung explodes and blows lightning as I sneeze through my thunder nose
Gust of wind will crush your skin
Thrust through limbs with tusks embedded in the head that is responsible for killing 150 constables in Bournemouth, England
Sinuous, immune to flows like Walrus skin
Virt read a thesaurus in the fourth grade
Then used my knowledge to craft an ork blade
And swing it leaving your thoughts slayed
My war slaves work collecting samples for
The manticore with cancer jaws
Striking rappers with panther paws
I crush hard rocks to pebbles just for acting bolder
And cleave a fjord in your shoulder when I swing mjolnir
Hit em' then
Twist and bend the double helixes
Of your squad’s most vicious men
I transform their forms into b*t*hes then
My piston sends thundering shock-waves
To rock graves of soft knaves
Whose thoughts laid slayed when sprayed with my pistol pen
My crystal lens, bifocals will fry vocals
Virtuoso, my chokehold’s worldwide, you’ll die local