{*scratching: One People...*}
Essentially one energy under the sun
"We got to live as one"

Yo when all forms of payment and educations
Involve enslavement and degradation
This wasteful culture will kill us all
Neanderthals peeping how we live will be appalled
Hard ministration need to do some reflection
And make a vaccination for world wide infections
And let the most disprivileged of us
Rise from the dust it's a must we increase our trust
In foreign lands remember every war is planned
By the hands of the government there on some other sh*t
That they won't let us understand
But keep your selfish ways
Crime pays and the CIA needs a raise
The same energies flowing through the leaves of the seas
Going through you and me see we're O N E
Skin pigment separations
A figment of imagination
A plan regiment for domination

[Hook x2]

You think acting devilish might settle this problem
Man how you going to erase hate with hate
That don't make no sense dollars so dense
Need to open you mind let some hope in your mind
Know that its time to show some respect and take a step
I know its hard but in time it will connect
Let's build a bridge over troubled waters
And teach out sons to love our daughters
Instead of guns and slaughter
Its clouds sun and water
Because nature don't hate ya
So why do you litter hit her and rape her
The fact of one molecular structure should settle the
Puncture put in our love our violent settlers
Focused I notice everything in my dimension
Like retired pension receivers who once believed in high ascension
Now they sitting by contemplating
Were they wrong for taking the stand for the freedom they all been craving

[Hook x2]

Its trees leaves the waves from the seas
And aids the disease even the air we breathe
Mud blood slug shots from a snub by thugs
From the hub for the love of money and drugs
Say it's not what it was but a forward movements perpetual
I think that a timelines merely conceptual
It all remains the same they live with aimless brains
The name is changed but no pain no gain so stains
Our caskets to influence the ma**es
And the government smothers with hypnotic gases
Politicians make erotic pa**es
Youth die in the hottest clashes
But ones killed is not as fast as
Gun slingers who could lift you with one finger
Memories of a sun linger none's bringer
Who carry your flowers hand on the gun spraying showers
As one we trying to stand on the sun today is ours


"We got to live as one"
"We got to be as one"
"One... One... One.."