Provoke Me
How can I start ill, live from where my people, VIRT you caught hell
Nasty as the poet Nas on the track with Akinyele
The blue blocka rocka twin of R. Kell, n***a blab and talk well
Think it's a shame to see hip hop sell
Absolute, like shots of vodka, watch my thoughts spill all across the art
Till ya heart's still
Lifted like I spark L's
But I'm sober to the weed aroma, catch a dark spell
Black out, when I write into a coma
Hold the profile, sorta like Jesus when I zone out
R-E-K-S, the greatest rapper no one knows bout
Most authentic lieutenant, pushin you to limit
If I p*ssed you off, good that's exactly what I intended
The pterodactyl thrash you in half like cashews
REKA reign be in the book of Matthews
Body slam collapse you, shift the third rock off of its axle
Naturally, I'm a natural when I attack you
Blessed like ah-coos, perhaps you
Might find another deadly brother ?? the Reks on the mic
But that's like, not realistic, my fault I'm egotistic
If you heard somebody spittin this sh*t
Sorry I missed it

You wanna know Virtuoso, boy listen and learn
My vocal motor go to overdrive, the pistons'll burn
My mission is firm, so sick, f**k a chick, I'm tongue-kissin a germ
I cut ya clique as y'all was slippery worms
You'll drown in my rain, no blood
I was born with sound in my veins and a pound on my brains
So I can't help but be dope
My talent is my twin as ?we wrote?
My free flow is now a kilo
I breathed in oxygen like the top of a ski slope
To match my breath control, you'll need a scuba tank and 3 throats
I speak real life, you steal heist in your thoughts
While I'm busy workin towards a fly wife and a yacht
And when I'm rich, then b*t*h I buy my ice in the spot
And I'll have skills and integrity, that's twice what you got
Son I'm naturally stylish, and when these lies, who talking violence
They look into my iris, they walk away in silence
Because they fear the realness
I kick words that make you feel sh*t
We should heal riffs in our family structure
That has the man in me sufferin
Spit imagery so vivid that son, ya camera be shutterin

[Scratched Hook]

Forever we, keep the flow goin like the seven seas
Heavenly, you need divine a**istance to better me
Everyone talking bout they hard, how they have a better squeeze
And all they cheddar, please, that's negative, y'all need a better steeze
Reka's teaks be on it at auctions, arsonist thoughts
To scorchin your play list, virtin my portion
If I embossed in priceless
Nicer then the Jordans, Waynes, and Jerry Rices
Steady precise with the mic devices
Life is peace and violence, balance
The yin and the yang, the king and the crane
Put the needle to the record, feel the sting in ya brain
We bringin the pain to every inch of ya frame
Ringin ya chain, we gonna injure ya name
Simple and plain, drop the livin science
Deadly alliance, handin out a**ignments
Skills went and won an audio appliance
Closest of pen play, lyrical ken tai
Who care what them say
R to the Eh, epitome of em-say!
When we, step in the spot, reppin our blocks
With lyrical weapons that's hot, blazin
Lettin off shots, wet em like drops of 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen
We chase to the mouth of a lion's den and we lock em in
Knock the chin, break the gla** jaw
Surpa** y'all, we past raw
Cats getting familiar with asphalt
I didn't ask y'all for your opinion, you out ya dominion
My spittin control and steer the game like ?racket mittens? haha
Half of y'all been in the game getting boxed out
Synonym for R's house is Earth, Yo VIRT, knock that a** out
I rock em in they mouth with my granite hand, it gets no harder
We can either trade and barter or you can get made a martyr
Author with my mind of Aristotle, getting drunken, actin drunk's my motto
See ya tomorrow through the forty bottle
Throttle and choke ya whole squad like a engine
Spittin like Pippen that blaze written, inflictin torture
I scorch ya frame like a butane flame
Off the real train, posse insane, clownin you lames
You're surrounded in shame, clouds of despair
For testing the most powerful pair
Compet**ion and cowards in fear
Too proud to be mere locals, vocals across the third stone
Spit my first verse around the time the sun first shone
We birth stones, Virtuoso, and Reks Diminisher
Seal it with signature, on ya gravestone
The Finisher