Smash Ta Piece Theatre
Word up, Virtuoso
Ahh...uh.. yo

[Verse 1]
Thunderous overture, roll over ter(tar) like Ben Hur
I'm your mentor, so who you gon' send for, ten four I read you
Your people are over ah now cause they see through
Think I'mma believe you when you speak to me?
You lie frequently, got me visible like I'm comin' in sequency
Inside what your skin hide, end floss intent I
Send guys wid limbs tied bipolar tape recorder disorder
Transformer performer minora lit, hit deep Torah scripts
We hard, walkin' on coals wid out my feet scarred
What you been kickin' slim pickings while this beat start
The moral, I make quarrels hot like fire coral
One strike to ya right pectoral will numb ya spine like ?????
Storm through portals wid ravenous baboons
Stab and gouge your phalimus wid a spoon
Leave you lost like, rudderless boats upon the Ganges
Slam these microphones and bite the bones like hard candy
Cause ya family's thin, like the atmosphere ontop of the Andes
I charge head first, like Ramses
Damn he's inhuman, the pentium processor professor
If you're the aggressor I make it dope, black and deck ya
Rhyme explosive detonated the melodious pitch
Wid ya cries infinite like a Mobius trip
I beat ya head, 'til it's softer than a piece of bread
Or playdough you'll see stars like Galileo

[Verse 2]
I take a shot at your staff that rips their body in half
I'm so dope your radio wants my audiograph
More drive deliveries like midwives master deliveries
Rhythmically ride limber, mind bender sent to command the w****s
Chop a flaw under your neck wid the mic chord bow to the lord
Wild like a cyborg and down for the cause
Cause the cause of the world's flaws are ours
Spell checker in my right hemisphere ears hear
Dictionaries now spit obituaries
Nothing's harder, than a winter in Boston Harbor
Search for an answer to cancer like Dana Farmer
Char ya crew wid hot spray like ??ronaldo suveist??
Bury parbay, bend arms the wrong way
Caught up in ya long day, lay upon my torture rack
Force to crackin' your rib cage and contort ya back
Cause if ya wonder how I member sides like barnacles
The one that lie only see through one eye like a monacle
Diary of dark lies part five library archives
Civil side relates, sharp knives
Juan Demarco spark live blunts in the trunk
Rapid and avid powerful flow like the wind blow
Yo, bruise crews til the body black and blue
Grooves play they pain with a record needle verse wreckin' people
You're exposed as ya facade corrodes
While I'm Beethove' and Sebastian Bach composed