War of the Masses
You wan' lock horns, just cause you got scorned
Wanna get your plot on? D got forms of
Warm receptions, important perceptions
So foreign projections in the projects, keep me
Protected, cause secret objections we greet with
Aggression, we teach em' a lesson we breach the
Deception, we eat ya' for breakfast complete the
Suggestion, defeating oppression the weak will retreat
With a weapon, if the walls will cease
Then I'm all for peace, that's my core belief
So why would I wanna war and beef, I don't need more to eat
So I don't hoard the meat, the lure of the streets
Is sure to keep, weak motherf**kers trying to beat
Motherf**kers I, seek and disrupt the frame of mind
That's corrupted, skim haters of they grim nature
Strugglin' to get paper while they spit vapor.....

[Hook: Virtuoso]
Famous fascists aiming plane crashes
Insane clashes, the war of the ma**es
Caskets, cremated to ashes
In this disastrous, world war of the ma**es
Remain pa**ive or aim and blast it
The past is gone, it's the war of the ma**es

As we checking out of the second millennium
Hear the reckoning beckoning
Prefects are involved in religious lecturing
Infecting in the peoples mind, evil festering
Questioning they lessons and they ride on you like
An equestrian, psychotic off anti-biotics
And chemical byproducts the medicals try on us
I promise that every word is a comet
A bomb for the congress, who claim to see beyond Nostradamus
You can rely on bibles if you need a guide to
Provide you with vital knowledge that's born inside you
My haiku typhoon remind you
False idols blind you, crucify and bind you
Why do the ma** of us not see cash we lust
Half of us need dough but people slash they cut
Then pa** the crust, most leave little for those after us
From a** and nut to ash and dust

V: The mercenaries we sent to retrieve the verse of Ares
Cursed to carry dead weight on our backs like hearses that bury
D:J*rks immersed in the worst affairs we could describe
The impact of lies on earth is scary
Business to witness, but Del and Virtch are very
V: Immune to any torture tactics
Practice to beat the system like victims of an abusive family
D:Then who can we trust?
V: few if any
Confusion led me to abuse the Henny
But then the music let me see that there was
Better ways to use my pennies
D:using various options, choosing every concoction
Cause losings an illusion I foster
Like who is your partner, he doing the cha-cha
I see through it cause I do what I got ta'
V:the fluid we author, for your mind shine
Lucid to oculars, and magnify the truth like binoculars