On the Run Again
Alright, Virtuoso, Del the Funkee Homosapien
This Jaz-O, let's do what we came to do,Let's go!
Ay yo, little did you know this gentlemans unweathered
Through storms, only with women or middlemen un-f**k-wittable
Don, lyrically pinnacle never needed a pen to do
Gettin' green like good lawn, watch me riddle
This song, this tracks a tree, watch me whittle it gone
Take the salary then I'm headed to the county where they found me
I'm ducking on my head is a bounty
Got my chick running with me, on my head like a bounty
Break fast U.S., government issue american toast
But unseen on america's most
Still on the horn with celebrity hosts, giving me levity boasts
Good heavens living legend you could never be ghost
While I'm thanking Virtuoso for not doing this solo
Hold up, cops roll up, gestapo stuff
Federalies in the alley wanting Jaz-O cuffed
Two miles, underground tricked them a**holes up, you know!?

[Hook - 2X]
On the run again
Oakland, Brooklyn, to Cambridge
America's most wanted, snipers with the language
On the run again
Known worldwide for that insane sh*t, Virtuoso, Jaz-O and Del n***as is dangerous
(hey hey hey D they trailing you, you better run for it
Kid you better stay in tune, here they come for ya!)
No time for stumbling fumbling through the numbers
Of underlings who be funneling funds for me, they hunting me
Bounty hunter style, that's when guns come out
I sprint a hundred miles, that's when my lungs go out
I squeeze my asthma pump, as I jump the brick wall
It's all in the risk ya'll avoiding pitfalls
Quickdraw McGraw law enforcement
Runnign out of options and piecing together they resources
I'm floating coursing, wave in the ocean
Scorching torquing hairpinning, oh yeah I'm driven
Incessesant essence, infectious methods
Vocalist more like a motorist to go the length in seconds
Investigation vexed and raping destination
Blessed his plate with fire 'pon fake sh*t!

[Hook - 2X]

I'm weaving an bobbing decieving the cops I'm squeezing off shots and
I'll ether your offspring you sleep in a coffin
I'm leaving from Boston, dodging collections of detectives
With intention and directives for detention I'm suspected
I get to BK with Jaz-O, the beat and rap flow on smash yo
They after both of us so let's dash yo
Hit the spacious coast, get with my gracious host Deltron
Spit hell on the track jet out the back them Miguel's gone
Landing up in Austria, rap up in a opera
Baffle their philosophers pull straps out on they officers
Stopping in Alaska, ask the eskimos they know trust me
How I blow musty trees on sleds pulled by snow huskies
Rushed me in Israel, Sharon tried to extradite
Left at night, in the cargo hold of my connecting flight
No taking chances plastic surgeon carved my old face and
I'm slow baking in the sun in undisclosed locations
[Hook - 2X]