Severed and Split [Unofficial Remix]
[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
I'm way beyond the hating stage
Make you f**king bathe in razor blades with someone gay with AIDS
I'm the god that waives your chance of being saved
You owe me your faith. Parable money and names
Mother-f**kers acting funny as flames
Who would follow you? I should kill you and bottle you and bury you
Underneath the ground like it swallowed you
You lack a common-thinking degree
Devil got you dumb slaves f**king thinking you're free
You're not even alive: your brain just supports your nine-to-five
Lost from your tribe; taking false prides
Believing in the false guides; taking opposite sides
Listening to the prophet who ties; prophets from lies
Your hands and a pocket of knives so sharp
You can't even see the marks with your optical eyes
You a f**king joke: another n***a stuffed in a boat
Blind to the ten pound choke; coughing in throats
Mother-f**kers turn the dust in my grips
Ice melts before touching of my lips
Wise men covered me with gifts
The next is, face hanging from a necklace; a true meaning of X-Mas
Measureless. Deafened by my ill residence
It's perpetuous; the f**king earth shakes and the seconds split

[Hook: Jus Allah & Virtuoso] [x2]
Catch this beatdown; who the f**k want beef now?
Flow to make the seas drown; fire burning trees down
Deep rooted: we rap forever and rip
Yo, my crew will leave your f**king head severed and split

[Verse 2: The Etherealist]
Ether will damn-near take your neck off
My words bless paper like f**king Chekhov
You’re dead soft. Shredded to a thread when I let the tech off
Ca**ette decks get wrecked; I bedded your wedded wench
While you laid and bled; yeah, spread out, smash your head
Like Oberyn. I run you over and force a deodorant
Into your a**hole. Match thrown, out the blast zone
The thought is sobering. Mouth frothing like a doberman
Stretch your lips open like a dope Ethiopian
I’ll rape you just to dominate you. B*t*h, I cause trauma
Probs the fourty-fourth man to f**k you, like Obama
Etherealist the suicide bomber. B*t*h, I’m coming for ya
Form like Voltron and f**king destroy ya
So hire a lawyer. You know nothing like Jon Snow
Your street credit ran out f**king ages ago
Ether is the illest MC. You never heard 'a me
I’ll leave you bagged and tagged in the mother-f**king infirmary


[Outro: The Etherealist]
It's the Etherealist
The mother-f**king God Jus Allah
In2ition, History of Violence
The f**king Accomplice and Virtuoso on the track
Shout-out to Babygrande
Murder on the f**king Dancefloor
Plead for Your Life