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Nasty C

"Believe in Me"

[Verse 1]
The biggest G's in the game got assassinated, despite my fear of death I'm about to get my genius side on activated
The young boy's a rapper now, who gives a sh*t, like everybody just turned around and middle fingers flipped
No motivation like they ain't got nothin' on ya, my neck don't allow me to cry on my own shoulder
Now I'm on to drop some sh*t that none of these n***as can manage
And the fact that I started solo is my biggest advantage
At 14 I'm already at the top of my grizzy and if not then why did older n***as copy my lyrics
pu**ycats minus the cats, that music is just the cigarette and mine is the crack
I knew I had to react like it was magic, I could never hate it, man this sh*t is quite fascinating
When I said its my talent they said "Nah its a hobby." At that time I knew only my family had got me
But clock it, I never stopped did I? My first snapback tilted in pictures like I'm T.I
VP stay strong as long as God is behind us. I need to let the success so I'm calling the young riders
I'm a killer man sh*t just got realer, uglier than Michael Jackson going thriller
I still rock a nation, like I was signed to Jigga. Fall back n***a I ain't sweet I'm bitter
We got bigger fish to fry, though Kay Cee is throwing hooks for me
Boy you can keep your latest apple pie, she ain't got good enough looks for me
I'm the prince now, everybody better listen now. Better discern, when they dissin' sounds like my ass is whatever they be kissin'
Look, this is for anybody who ever doubted me, that said I wouldn't make it, know what I mean
They said this thing would just be something that'll disappear in a few years time
Well its been more than a few years time, I've been 6 years in this mo'
Okay I won't swear but I ain't gone cuss no more, for the better

It's one kid a thousand coffins believe in me!
Man I need you to believe or believe in me ( believe in me)
It's N. A. S. T. Y to the C zily (to the Czily)
Believe in me (believe in me), believe in me (believe in me), please dawg (please dawg), believe in me (believe in me)
Man I need you to believe in me (believe in me), man I need you to believe in me (believe in me)
My name is N. A. S. T. Y to the C zily (Czily)
And imma make it even if they don't believe in me
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