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Yung Tory

"Stress Over Girls"

Stress over girls, stress over girls
You stressed over girls
b*tch, your wife went, yeah

Can't trust sh*t, gotta watch your right hand
2019, want your wife back
She say that she wanna f*ck me
So I got a jimmy off the nightstand, yeah
She fell in love with the right man
Proper etiquette like a white man
Say that your b*tch is my fan
She see the drip, she like that
I told her I'll be right back
Shawty, I'm chasing my racks
Baby, I cannot get sidetracked
Girl, why you actin' like that?
I'm workin' hard, workin' so hard
I'm tryna get mama some nice things
I'm a rockstar, I don't play guitar
But I rock out, Frankie Lymon
I got the sauce, you can't find this
I got this b*tch, she from China
She want the D, lookin' for me
I'm probably in some vagina
I got the gas, give her the weed
She say that she need a grinder
She suckin' me so long
She just ran out of saliva
These n*ggas hatin' on me
Old n*gga, yeah, I'm sorry, your time's up
These n*ggas hatin' on us
Off molly 'cause these pussies designer
I told her to pop out, she pull up
She pus*y poppin' in pajama
She pull up in Porsche, she wearin' no panties
This b*tch look like Pamela
Anderson, she said she a fan of me so I can smash her
Damn, b*tch, who the f*ck raised you? You got no manners
She lick on the tip, she take a sip, no Tropicana, uh
I drip on your b*tch, I'm in the VIP, I left with a dancer
She wanna flex with a boss
Let's go to Mexico, aw
I'm a professional, uh
She want my testicles, aw, aw
b*tch said she want diamonds and pearls
But I learned my lesson, oh girl
I cannot stress over girls
I'm takin' trips 'round the world

Stress over girls
I cannot stress over girls
Stress over girls
I cannot stress over girls
Stress over girls
You stressed over girls
I cannot stress over girls
I can't be stressed over girls

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