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Juelz Santana

"Hate Music"

HOOK: Cam'ron
Ayo my n*ggas can't take music
Everybody rap to us, so we hate music
Now we make the hate music
We 'bout to rape music, straight up degrate music
You ain't 18, sh*t, don't even play music
Killin is another high
I hope your girl get AIDS, your brother crash and dash
Or your mother die, and your sister is a topless dancer
No answer, glaucoma, and your pops got cancer

[Juelz Santana]
Yo I'm a motherf*cking nightmare, y'all can either love me or hate me
Know alotta n*ggas wanna slug me and waste me
That's why I never keep the gun on safety
When I get this money, y'all gon hate me
Y'all act like Harlem ain't that sh*t, go 'head and play dumb
Like y'all don't know where AlPo and Rich bought the caine from
Sugarhill cocaine slums, get it correct
Real n*ggas spit at your chest, look at your death
Y'all cop Playstations, play Live 2000
I'ma cop guns, try to survive 2000
n*gga like me be on the block every day
While you think your moms look rocked every day
Cuz she come see me for them rocks every day
Keep the thang close, ready to pop every day
Cuz I'm tired of you spot betters
I got a 380 full of hot peppers, that'll rip through them cop's sweaters
You dudes is chumps, talkin 'bout you live like thugs
You be home watchin Midnight Love
No b*tch, you and your hand makin midnight love
It's over dog, you need to just get right f*ck, what


I got the gun and clip, runnin sh*t
I run chains, run rings, run in your block, make you run
Then I run things
p*ss in a cup, come on, f*ck a drug test
I'm on my block, knockout kings, slugfest
A few beers cold, come through here bold
A few of us blew our goals when f*ckin two years old
Off to the lobby, all to the body, then auction a shottie
Go to Boston and party hard with Walter McCardy
Drunk, smackin b*tches off the Bacardi
Hustle often as robbery, so guns, coppin double
f*ck around with me, I'ma pop your bubble
Put up my own yellow tape, save the cops the trouble
If you wanna see my true portions, screw bossin
Kill you like Mike pop for new Jordans
Come through flossin, jail ain't nothin for me
I got cake baby, bail ain't nothin for me
I'm that same son of a B, gun in the V
Coke, guns, hookers, I'm the one that you see
Cats still talkin fly, put his tongue in a tree
If we nice, then we'll let him keep his lung for a G
When I rap, it ain't nothing but hungry you see
Jimmy, Juelz, Cam, yo I'm one of the three, beeotch


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