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Juelz Santana

"Cashin' Out (Freestyle)"

Got a condo around my neck, got a house on my wrist
Got a coup on my pinky with a freaky b*tch like Pinky
But she a bad b*tch, like Nicki
Keep two of those like Twinkies
And more two of those bring sixty
And the stamps on ‘em say Whitney
Got a nice watch with the lid green
Cost eighty, but I pay sixty
Dry colour, masterpiece
Welcome to the big league
All the weed I smoke be stinky
My swag up, they wanna be me
With the south beach on Collins
Or Atlanta rolling down Peach Street
From the NY you gon' see me
Riding ‘round with that Nina
Stash ‘bout to be locked
So you know I'm smoking on Keisha
Your stamp is in, my stamp is out
I want 38 if I hand ‘em out
I got 10 more on the way
That’s 1-60 if I cash ‘em out

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