[Testo di: Blodylines]

[Intro: Bloodlyne]
Shouts out to my gunners
Shouts out to my gunners

[Strofa 1: Bloodlyne]
E yo
Shouts out to my gunners
Shouts out to my runners
Ain't talkin bout no usain bolt
I'm talkin bout that pitchin coke I beast up on that pyrex
Keep tha white like tilex
You disrespect and i load that tech and run up in your projects
Yo yard n***as tha wildest
876 violence
That green for tha weed
That black for tha blic
That gold what's on my mind next
My dad say I'm tha worst
My mommy said i'm cursed
My sister say i'm buggin out
My chick say i'm bezerk
My gun say boy you wildin out you puttin in that work
That molly and that henny make them b*t*hes start to twerk
And when she hear that bloodlyne she shake it till it hurt
My state of mind and this Glock 9 turn a tuff guy to a nerd
I'm on that voodoo smokin
Thought provokin
b*t*hes open
Lock n loadin
O's we sold them
P's done stole them
Skull hot but my hеart be frozen
My guns long like vacca locks
Thеm n***as pu**y like a girl crotch
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