Water Blade

Xavier Wulf

[Intro: Xavier Wulf as Master Flash Yen]
Master Flash Yen
Bring the shark to your beach, b*t*h
[?] scared boy, lookin' like he seasick
I'm coming through, with my crew
And we fleetin'
All these hoe n***as [?] fleein'
When these hoes look at me, they don't believe it
I look so good, I'm shining hard in the mountain
She look up there, she say [?], how I get there?
I said b*t*h, you'll never get here
I smoke so damn much, I can't see sh*t
Glass trim on the border of my outfit
When you see me rollin' in, I be hurtin'
All thesе n***as and these girls wanna smoke with mе, n***a

[Verse 2: Lil Shark]
All these [?] girls up on me
I don't care what anybody say about me
All these rappers tryna hate on me
[?] wanna be y'all, so thi-irsty
All y'all can do is talk down on me
I'm chillin' in the ocean where the waters at
Talkin' bout me, I swear I'll pull a water attack
Pull me in a me in a blade in yo' back
I gotta rap on these scared boys
I'm droppin' tape after tape, y'all can't handle me
I'm in the ocean where all the li'l fish be!
I'm Lil Shark, but I still ain't thirsty
I'm on this beat, I swear I just kill it
I'm rappin' with [?]
When I was 11
You ain't on my level, and you will never be
If you [?] to me, I'll drown you for eternity
See me comin' through with the water blade
Put it to your face
Now you're cryin', "Don't hurt me!"
Y'all scared of li'l kids

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