Who We Be
[Hook: Masta Ace]
What's up to everyone, that's in the place to be
I'm glad we could come together, we making history
You won't see this again, in half a century
Telling you who we be, eMC

Yo!, I'm Wordsworth, W.W., Words for short
Mirror Music, solo LP, y'all heard my thoughts
Yet I'm humble but I'm confident
Sophisticated and provocative
Novelist without all the obvious monotonous
Many other acomplishments
Plus songwriter, story telling and battle rhyming
I was born brighter
Being from Brooklyn, New York
It's just naturally comes
MC and poet, all packed into one

Aiyyo, What up?
My name is Stricklin, from Milwaukee, US
Yeah I can sing, I can dance, but see I talk to you best
I done did a lot of things but what I ought to do next
Is explain how M3 done simply brought you the best
I been signed to many labels who I fought to impress
They ain't hear me tho, so I had to walk with the rest
I deserved much more, but they offered me less
So here I be with eMC, who you thought was the best? What?


I'm Punchline, Lower Eastside, the place I reside
One Half of Punch & Words, compet**ion get served
These labels works my nerves, tried killing my vibe
But I received a gold plaque by doing records with Tribe
Grammy nominated, my position validated, n***as took my style and ate it
Lyricist Lounge Show, yeah we made it
I love hoes, keep my mind on my dough
Im sorta like Terrence Howard cause I Hustle and Flow

[Masta Ace]
Yeah, I'm Masta Ace from Brownsville, Brooklyn
Where many-a-chain is snatched and pocket book tooken
Taken, it's also the home of Central Booking
Cats are stealing checks off your Nikes if you not looking
I went five albums deep, while half the world would sleep
Once wrote a speech about the system in my jeep
From 1988 to 2000 and change
It's incredible I'm still doing my thing, it's a blessing