Don’t Give Up On Us
I know I ain't have a job in two months
While you work yo! I ain't moved once
I work it tho to be the man that you want just
(Don't give up on us)
Birthdays I was late with gifts
To pick you up I would straight forget
So many times that I made you flip but yo!
(Don't give up on us)
Cursed out and I made you yell
Got tickets on your car and blew up your cell
At this moment we ain't doing to well but yo!
(Don't give up on us)

Check it love, behind your back I ain't trying to creep
Or that's just my homegirl from across the street
Ain’t cheating with them girls no more this week
That little kiss on the cheek that’s how we greet
I know you are yelling at this rap sh*t ain't paying off
I’m always dealing with these bullsh*t A&R’s
And you scream everyday I should get a job but is kinda hard love
(Don't give up on us)

[Hook: ADI]
Seems like I'm running no matter what I do
Only person that's right when we fight is you
Don't know what I'd do if we were through
But what I'm saying is (Don't give up on us)
Sometimes when I might walk out that door
And words like "Sorry" don't work no more
Don't know why you are feeling so insecure
But what I'm saying is (Don't give up on us)

[Masta Ace]
Listen baby girl, I know you want the Benz G
And them expensive little things that your friends keep
But understand me, I'm just trying to make ends meet
We in deep love
(Don't give up on us)
And I'm doing all I can to keep the rent paid
And I'll make the same mistakes that other man made
And don't forget we've been in love since the tenth grade
We come a long way
(Don't give up on us)
And I hope it don't mean I'm in trouble if
I Don't run right out and buy another gift
Cause I gotta go to work and do a double shift
You wanna rift, what?
(Don't give up on us)
Damm baby, so sorry that I ain't balling
And keep track of all the shots that I ain't calling
And you can push me off the ledge but I ain't falling
See I'mma let it slide
Too much pride even though your friends are laughing at me
That's kinda funny cause I know your friends ain't half as happy
I know you mad and you are ready to fuss
Wanting to cuss plus my head you ready to bust
But just (Don't give up on us)