The Grudge
[Verse One: Masta Ace]
Let's do it
This is the real sh*t
Let's do it
This is the real sh*t

When I was nine years old, I realized there was a goal
To make it back home without my stuff gettin' stole
My moms gave me money for licorice and fish
A five dollar bill, I was ridiculously rich
Now you was on the corner, by the store with you goons
I was into comic books and watching cartoons
And just cuz you was older, you grabbed me by the shoulder
Dug inside my pockets, and that's when it was over
I felt so sad, afraid and alone
I cried as I walked all the way back home
I see you ever summer now at Brownsville day
You see me starin' at you and you always look away
Cause now that we a****s, you prolly don't recall
Half the kids you f**ked with, way back when you was small
I wanna whoop that a**, and explain it to the judge
It's 30 years later dawg, and still I gotta grudge

Let's do it
This is the real sh*t
But I'm not gon' budge
I don't mean to hold a grudge
Let's do it
This is the real sh*t
I ain't forget the way it was

[Verse 2: Punchline]
Yea back in high school I once fell in love with a dame
Dissed my boys cause my heart spent most of my time
I dropped everything when she called
Like Reggie Miller I ain't wanna be a playa no more
But you start my heart right on the floor
Threw my things out the door
Then you called "Ven aquí mi amor"
Love game, shoulda known from the start
Thought I was in ER, cause you played with my heart
But I'm a man just playin' my part
I'm losing my game, wish that I could unplug and restart
Every time that I leave, you would fall to your knees
Said you were with your girls, but you really with Steve
I peaked your bullsh*t and just took it with ease
You saved your own dough and loved spending my cheese
I gotta grudge with you and I'm out for revenge
And it's not gonna end till I'm humping your friend
Take that, b*t*h

[Verse 3: Stricklin]
Uh huh, grudge n***as
Yo, back when I was like twelve or thirteen
I was the flyest on the street
Had to swim 5 speed with the stick shift and the Huffy seat
We was young, not into guns yet
But you and yours boys jumped me, stole my bike and rode off in the sunset
You a mistake and you should be erased
Yeah I remember you dawg so let me cut to the chase
When I find you, you'll get put in your place
And I ain't talking 'bout yellin', I was thinkin' more like a foot to the face

[Verse 4: Wordsworth]
Uncle Max you remember you in dire need
You sold my Michael Jordan rookie card to buy some weed
Well my moms with the boss and she left me a check
To buy sneakers but you took it to bet on the Nets
Hated you, I wish that she made you move
I got blamed for the p***o on pay-per-view
No sorry, it's too late to apologize
I was traumatized as a kid at eight
I gotta grudge