I Like Dat
[*Welcome to the wonderful world of sex*]

I'm sayin though right after the shows over
Tour bus is outside, matter a fact
This club gotta bathroom and a basement
Whatever, I'll have ya know

I will be delighted to f**k you
Outside, vocal booth, plane, train, automobile or even in the lunch room
Once the period in your private area dries
We could f**k on your kitchen counter like American Pie
Where I had to keep the sperm muzzle (uh huh)
I grab your head while you're giving it
Like I'm bangin it against the turnbuckle
It's my boys turn to f**k you
There is 8 of them, and you gotta mouth to help
So they could take turns in couples

(Masta Ace)
1, 2 aiiyo 1, 2 Check it
Masta Ace, Punchin' Words on the same record
Ladies in the place all I need is a second
A small conversation, before we both naked
And if ya come back to the hotel, I won't go tell I promise
I like to swing my bat like Frank Thomas
And if ya let me get to third base when we alone
Theres a good chance I'm gonna try to steal home

My games tight when I'm twistin these hoes I dont play
F**k raw, I keep a hat on like Cool J
I take short strokes to make the sex last
Till they scream "go deep" like they throwin a long pa**
You get long d**k no cash, pure game
When we f**k, your face wrinkle up like a Shar Pei
Everyday all day, sex you love it
Are you the type of freak chick that like to f**k in public?

[Masta Ace] Waterbeds, Hottubs -- Yeah I like that
[Wordsworth] Hot sex on the platter -- Yeah I like that
[Punchline] Slow Tracks candle wax -- Yeah I like that
[Masta Ace] Anywhere don't matter -- Yeah I like that
[Masta Ace] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[Punchline] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[Wordsworth] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[All] What's up -- What's up (2x)
Now those are the first couple of verses the one with the show
Aiiyo Ace tell these women what you want them to know

(Masta Ace)
Yo, I can f**k from the Morris Day to the Gladys Knight
Have a threesome, with me, my girl and a baddest dike
And not no Ellen DeGeneres, manish type
I'm talking about a Jennifer Lopez, Spanish type
Don't be afraid of the sex capade
Black cats that get f**k, white cats that get laid
You better eat your wheaties, and just rest up
Just incase somebody call you and say "let's f**k"

I take them (?) your dressed up, sober or X'ed up
Leave chicks fatigue, they gotta rest up
It's messed up, I f**k till I'm burnt out
Forget the hair salon, I'm a sweat your perm out
I'm the type to book a hotel room with 5 dikes
And get pu**y like everyday's my prom night
Punch always rose with a proper squad
And my hoes stop traffic like crossing guards

You a stranger so don't expect sex for fertility
But I'll f**k you and help you collect disability
18 and over bend your knees to your shoulders
And hurt your bladder, and make it hard for you to pee when you older
On your knees folded, don't need Trojans
Deep throat till my scrotum not showin' and your teeth's broken
It don't matter silcon or real breast
You ain't good with fellatio
Watch HBO's Real Sex
[Masta Ace] Handcuffs tied up -- Yeah I like that
[Wordsworth] Hotel Motel -- Yeah I like that
[Punchline] Blindfold camcorder -- Yeah I like that
[Wordsworth] Between us won't tell -- Yeah I like that
[Masta Ace] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[Punchline] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[Wordsworth] Aiyyo ya like that -- You know I like that
[All] What's up -- What's up, (2x)

Yeah I like that
Yeah I like that