Charly Murphie

[Verse 1: Strickin]
Stomping through the hood with my chucks on
I knock on every door, who the f**ks home
I'm trying to find some trouble I can dabble in
I've been travelling, pockets getting fat again
Apparently you n***a's dont really get it
Flossin' with your b*t*h thinking I won't really hit it
Yea, she on my line like fish bait, you got a problem
Wait dawg lets get this sh*t straight, Stricklin
Yea better than these rap-dummies
Watch your tune, got goons that hold a strap for me
A bunch of wild n***as from the mid-weezy
Swerving up the block, chopped listening to Jeezy
And money ain't a thang, on some Jigga sh*t
This beats right up my alley, its mad n***erish
I tend to get a lil gully when I spit the joint
And don't owe a n***as legs till he get the point
The eMC boys in the booth again, we back in the buildin
Ya we moving in, Yup
And we ain't leavin till the game love us
Punch, Word, Strick, Ace ye the same brothers

Guess who's back for the spell again
Bringing that hell again
What they yelling is
What they spelling is
Charly Murphie
More real sh*t than a lil bit
Any killin it
Everybody feelin it
And then feelin it

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
Ya, another university is cursing me
Cause I took em off school like a nursery
I know you hate it, but they rated us a full ten
Now we waitin on the call like a bull pen
They want us all back like nose pills(?)
Cause they know we do numbers like phone bills
You lil rap dudes remain in the right lane
While your girl on the pole like a bike chain
Im running through your team like Nitrain
Like a right footers put us in the right frame
Ya'll really wanna get into a place where you learn what the five fingers said to the face
[Verse 3: Wordsworth]
Google us, but who us?, we the best to choose
Get beat to death, picked up by EMS
Removed, on TV BBC CNN The News
Making moves, keep track, got GPS confused
And we hungry, and we steady peeking at your food
Stomach hurting like we got PMS and rude
With even less to lose ain't sleep slept on snooze
In the lead never left and we suggest the rules
We back


[Verse 4: Punchline]
You boys messing wit a tyrant
Eyes on the paper, I'm the money green giant
Ya'll play the rules of the game, we define em
Start riots, fight hard to peak highest
My crew ain't nothing to play, so dont try us
Hustlas, we sell dreams we dont buy it
Block us from getting this money, we get the fire
Schooled ya'll about this math, ya'll know the science
For years I been on this path with no guidance
Linked up with eMC, my new alliance
My crew the flyest, take over my new a**ignment
Leader of the pack, who next to be a client
Dont mix with the haters too well, I stay private
Nothin nice to say hater, than stay silent
Blood, sweat n tears, guts and the glory
This is eMC's true Hollywood story