"But are your hard times will vanish"

[Verse 1: Wordsworth]
Into thin air, vanish and disappear
But some things, other things I missed for years
Money from my drawers and my closet's been missing gear
Is it roommates, friends or family that visit here?
High rollers drinking rum and Coke
Cry over going broke
Gotta bum a smoke and can't buy soda
Women you would die over now eye rollers
Used to wink, won't say "hi" acting bi-polar
That's when the money goes
You in need
But you can't plant seeds for the trees where the money grows
I wore gold, had Airs with the gummy soles
Told the poor floors, the rich wear bummy clothes
Money made people hustle weight
So when you wake call your friends
Then they say they in another state
It's like Chris's death it's like crystal ball
Crystal clear show them hooked on crystal meth
I hate that Chris who left and...

I seen money come, I seen money go
Friends here yesterday, now gone today
Had love for you, used to be loyal
It was all there then it disappeared

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
Yo this industry is something
Cause it's hard to find friends in the game when your sales start slumping
They love when you winning
In the beginning, but I bet you off the bandwagon
They'll start jumping
It don't take a scholar
To understand that you'll always be the man
Till you spend your last dollar
All the girls wanna holler
And while you partying with Carmello and La La
Your boys wanna follow
Fame is a drug
And when it vanishes
People walk over you the same as a rug
Feels real good to be on top of he world
Top floor of the W on top of a girl
Or maybe up in V.I.P
Like you got wealth
With 20 friends, sipping on some top shelf
And all of them trying to play the field
But as soon as it's time to pay bill motherf**kers they...

[Verse 3: Punchline]
Yeah, many dark nights, my fear they cause fright
All types, trying to foresee my foresight
For life I live it, my feeling feel timid
No gimmick, my dad's life I don't wanna mimic
Made in God's image
Perfect imperfection
Facing hard times, praying for God's blessing
Aggression, since a teen
Fear holding me back like yellow tape on a crime scene
I scheme for a better life
Running through this dark tunnel
But I never seem to see the light
I wanna take flight but scared to fly alone
My friends keep pressing me like an iron on
To keep grinding on
What if it don't work?
Stuck here, dealing with fears like q token clerk
Maybe I should give it up and choose a new career
I can't manage
Hoping that my fears...