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David Gray


[Intro: Von Pea]
Tanya Morgan
Brickbeats on the track
Beatmaker pushing the buttons
Check it

[Verse 1: Von Pea]
I represent this, real lyricism
I shine like a prism
Nope - normal dees in prison
I rhyme like its Ritalin
Walk around rooms
Rappers really wanna rumble? Motherf**kers, how soon?
I be showing up in bells Uncle L wouldn't try to rock
Supply the spot and I'll be there to tear into your private stock
Tired of people wondering like me and Beats ain't wonder twins
It's done to me, it's done to him
Pete and C as younger men
We don't got a "T.R.O.Y." I ain't into reminiscin'
Raps math now, why is it so very few admissions?
I got my own suspicions
Now it's all image
You know his life story but you know none of his lyrics
Can not name songs but can name all the models in the video
Follow my subliminal attacks
Whatever will get you thinking that is sensible in fact
This is typical but that
Shouldn't hinder you from dapping me up on the block like
"Son, you be doin' it!"
You one of the brothers stopping others' aims to ruin it
Women call loudly but dudes, don't crowd me
Rappers turn pouty without getting rowdy
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