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David Gray

"Dr. Morgan Hypnotherapy"

[Skit: Ilyas]
I understand you heard Dr. Morgan MD does hypnotherapy
Okay, Don is the pulse straight? Just relax
As you can see, Von is over there
Look at his watch as it goes back and forth
You're going to drift off to sleep, okay?
And then all you'll be able to hear is our voices

[Verse 1: Ilyas]
The young lion can't be tamed
Like my mane
Named Ilyas
Young Elijah, the fire-bringer
My mic's a stinger
The brown hornet
Gettin' buzzed, the world's my high
I show nothin' but honey inside
Feed my sweet tooth then we poof
Hit the booth then regroup
Watered-down MCs make MC soup
Check 'em on the menu
At our Chez Tanya Venue
I been through a lot
Face down in the dirt
Making a lot
You takin' our spot? Not

[Verse 2: Von Pea]
We hot
Why wouldn't we turn the fans on
Your set'll take a dip like a swimming Cam'ron
With cement pants on
On a roll like Philly cheese spread
Born smooth like my mom was in Billy Dee's bed
Nine months prior
All of your raps caught flats
You should retire
The way I lock it down
The sh*t'll exceed lifers
TM funkier than the sh*t in your seed's diapers

Tired of the thugs
Tired of the guns and drugs
Tired of the money talk
Tired of the same old same old
Want something new
So open your mind
Here's what we'll do
Hypnosis (hypnosis)
You can't hear them anymore
Hypnosis (hypnosis)
Tanya Morgan's at the door
Hypnosis (hypnosis)
Get ready for a ride
To the heavens
Let the sun and moon be your guide

[Verse 3: Donwill]
I be fighting my mind
While I'm writing a rhyme
Whittle a witty sentence down
Into a bangin' bar and I'm
My own worst critic
Second-guessing as I spit it
Try and top the last take
Pray I'm conveying my spirit
Hey I'm just saying I live it
And you shouldn't get it twisted
It's broke now, but I'm trying to fix it
Pad these pockets that's linted
Then we rock it, that's a given
Take it, let them b*t*h about it
[Ilyas] Did you doubt it?
[Donwill] Nonbelievers get their whole sh*t rerouted

[Verse 4: Ilyas]
Fight for mine like Iraqis
Without wrinkling my khakis
That's tacky
I'm pretty but gritty
So ditty bitties dig me
So I dig the kitty out
If not, don't spit it out
I'm nasty but classy with it
Acting timid goes against
My code of ethics
Use the bible code
To decode my message
My essence is that of a pharoah
Masked in urban apparel
You's a barrel of laughs
Shoot cupid's arrow in your ass
I see your future when I look into my past


[Verse 5: Von Pea]
At the age of twenty-three
I hate every rapper I see
When I was thirteen
It was just so keen
No, I'm joking
No hating from me
The state of hip hop is fine
In the state of NC
California, Georgia
Illinois, etcetera
The music is cool
I'm just tired of the extra
Bubble gum rappers with marketing plans
Parked on 106th in promo vans

[Verse 6: Donwill]
It's in style to be an MC
So everyone is rapping now
I'm just a fan who captured thoughts
Articulate and put 'em down
Tired of complaining so I made my own jams
Now I don't have to play the radio programs
Tuned out what you about
Cats was hot in '97
But they formulaic now
Drum up beef for record selling
Swelling past fat, ski mask rap, I'm stealing your fans
Pour a flow fluid, while you dudes is spilling the SPAM


[Skit: Ilyas]
On the count of three when I snap my fingers
You're going to wake up and you're going to be immune to wack
1, 2, 3

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