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David Gray


[Verse 1: Donwill]
I put dope on the track
It’s not done in vain tho
Constipated mindstates I unclog like Drain-o
Say no mo, my punchlines
Will leave you tongue tied
You might lace beats
I untie 'em with my worst try
I know you thirst mine, the nectar of the gods
Get ya weight up, you ain't built for this your pecs are a facade
You could barely lift my bars
Dog i think heavy, train daily, brain deadly
Sharp wit, that’s what they tell me at least
My speech dismantles ya masterpiece
Y'all make me laugh

Y’all funny style got money piles
Plus a hungry staff with they own agendas
Plunderous tasks, just to the the cash
Shout out to ****** you was showing yo ass
Y’all n***as always make me laugh

Suppose the shows slow up
No crowds show up
And you just tryna blow up
Off that "throw ya hands up"
That means ya dough froze up
Damn bruh
I hate to understand what
That feels like
Or better yet you see ya cassette
Ain't moving no units
And your single is a mixtape exclusive ("Clue!")
It prolly ain't funny and I know it sounds bad but
Y’all n***as always make me laugh dog
Y’all n***as always make me laugh

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