[Intro: AZ]
(Funkmaster Flex)
I like this
It's like, like creepin' up on 'em

[Verse 1: AZ]
What makes an MC? Let's raise this entry
For me, once embraced, left states in a frenzy
Face his envy with the grace of Pimp C
It's never complicated, the basics been me
From straight with ten G's to racin' Bentleys
School from the jump to lacin' gently
Convince me, who cooler out in Aruba?
Blowin' ounces of Buddha, I know the routes, the maneuver, pursuer
Let's speak about it, I keep a stylist
From eatin' phallus to fornicatin' at Caesar's palace
Balance both feet on the concrete
Calm and meek, though that heat is in my arm reach
From Palms Beach to the pretty sands in the Turks
Fifty grand disperse, never plan for the worst
Let me work, haha, I wrote it just how I quote it
It's hopeless tryin' to decode it, I'm Moses now for the moment

[Verse 2: Logic]
Yeah, ayo, life's a bitch, we knew that
Guns drawn, where the loot at?
Chillin' at the crib bumpin' Lupe and Lootpack
Rhymin' since 2001, I'm Stanley Kubrick
Shinin' with my eyes wide shut like it's Clockwork
Full metal jacket got you walkin' awkward
Rappin' is a way of life, all this money just a perk
Go bezerk on the beat, machine work
'Til I'm spacin' out like Captain Kirk, wanna know my net worth?
Motherfucker got ten milli', that's cute, you ain't in my network
My money Oceans Eleven, y'all snatchin' a purse
Black and white like Clerks
Take 'em to church with the verse
Choppin' samples with Doc in another universe
It's god level, the rebel nobody could rebel
I'm sick as the devil, I'm Dwayne Johnson, you fuckin' pebble
Presidential with the bezel, never one to embezzle
My dick big, my money gross, let's toast to excess
Peep the success, bitch, I'm in the middle of Little Italy
Literally, no way you could ever get rid of me
'Cause I started from the bottom, the basement, the fuckin' garbage
Now I'm on top and you talkin' shit, hell nah, bitch
You mad that I'm rich, you mad that I made it
I rub it in your face and paint it in your blood just to illustrate it
Leave these pussies castrated and faces exacerbated
Spend all day talkin' about me, you fascinated
I'll rip your intestines out of your abdomen through your asshole and choke you with 'em
I'm sicker than Venom
I'll murder you like OGs in prison do to child molesters and rapists of women
I'm a beast shark that grew legs and evolved from swimmin'
You know I started from the bottom, flows, I got 'em
Bars, I got 'em, yeah, you know I fuckin' got 'em
Leave you stutterin' to g-g-get shit out like Joe Biden
Ridin' in the whip with the homies on some m.A.A.d city shit
This that gritty shit, Brooklyn '95, New York City shit
You can hate me now, P. Diddy shit
I started from the bottom, man, I really did
And everything they say is true when you get really big, I made it
[Outro: Funkmaster Flex]
Woo-hoo, woo
AZ, I heard it, I see it
Logic, that's a verse
That is a verse, that— wow