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"Aug. 8th Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Logic]
Ayo, let me get up, come and hit up
All this sh*t we [?]
What's the deal? Keep it real
'Bout to spit that mass appeal
What's the flavor, I'm your savior
'Bout to come, I feel the vibe
This is how we do it
Can you feel it comin' through the tribe?

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Uh, can you feel it? Man, I'm feelin' live
Any time I come up on the mic I spit a vibe
It's the feelin' that's inside that's in the song
And I feel it 'cause it's like liquid gold
You know I gotta get it and
It's a fire in my spirit, man
You gotta hear it and you never live it
And I spit the clearest
See my future clearer through the crystal ball
n*ggas know I gotta never let this sh*t fall
I gotta…

[Verse 3: Logic]
I'm 'bout to… I'm 'bout to break up in this sh*t one time
I gots to murder the rhyme 'cause this sh*t is so divine
Can you feel this vibe? I am alive
And this is how I'm feelin', hella good
Rollin' through my hood, smokin' on that Backwood

[Verse 4: Joey Bada$$]
Yeah, we are alive, it's the best feelin'
I can't describe, it's just the way I'm wheelin' and I'm dealin'
And you see it, man I got it, through the roof, it's through the ceilin'
It's one hell of a feelin' for your teeth and Dr. Phillin'
And I'm good, uh

[Verse 5: Logic]
Up through the ceilin', it's a feelin', and I'm comin' rippin' rhymes
The second I spit it, I got it, I rip it all the time
L-O-G-I-C and Bada$$, that's how we get down
You know west side, we get down
Especially when we're rollin' through your town

[Verse 6: Joey Bada$$]
You say that's how we get down
Check the app, Bandsintown
We comin' around
And we got this sh*t surround sound
We gotta push it down
And we takin' the crowns
We gotta get it, it's the kings of the underground

[Verse 7: Logic]
Ayo, we goin' bar for bar, that's par for par
Everybody know who we are when we step up in the bar
Sippin' on that Scotch…

[Verse 8: Joey Bada$$]
And you know, star to star
We got battle scars
And we been through this before, man
We prayin' to the lords, it's the…

[Verse 9: Logic]
Yeah, that's true, when I come through
In a second, what it do?
And this is how we rockin' though, this is how I'm feelin'
Higher than the ceilin'…

[Verse 10: Joey Bada$$]
Yeah, you off the scotch and I'm off the wine
We livin' life, we just tryna find
Anything that be divine
I roll the light and you know I got it in mind
n*gga, put a fight…

[Outro: Logic & Joey Bada$$]
And then…I'm f*cking lit
Yeah, you know we smokin' a lot, a lot (Aye!)
And my n*ggas never workin' no nine-to-five
We gotta get it man, thank God, I'm alive

Yo, this beat is crazy

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