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"Top Ten II"

[Verse 1: Prince Jay]
I hope you know
I kill this sh*t
Top ten flow hope you feel this sh*t
Gotta make some money so i never steal your sh*t
Gotta keep it ugly so i never steal your b*t*h
Hold up
How real is this?
Never makin' money on the realest sh*t
This is how I gotta be to make the trillest hits
And I'm chillin' at the top while you buildin' it up
Slowin' it down while I'm speeding it up
Slowin' it down so you can listen up
Best get a massage so you can loosen up
I just work on my grind while you rollin' the blunt
I been home for a minute now
Know the game and the in and outs
Hold the crown like I'm winnin' now
Michael Myers I been killin' now
Block you out hope you know how I'm feelin' now
sh*t sucks
Can't show feelings much
'Cuz then when you do you get stepped on like mud
They call me a mutt I'm a mixture of blood
I got the hope in my mind but I'm workin' for luck
[Chorus: Logic]

[Verse 2: Prince Jay]
What you waitin' for
Changin' the speed so I switch up the flow
Stay on my grind like I have been before
But i switch up the mind hear a knock at my door like
[knock, knock, knock]
"Who the hell could that be?"
3 in the morning I'm blastin' the beats
Findin' my way through the smoke and the heat
I keep chokin' up it's really hard just to breath
No matter the pain it's still hard just to leave
I'm just wondering how could that be
Just a minute ago I was fine now i see its hard just to think
I guess in my mind I really just don't wanna believe
That all of this happened to me
I guess this is how its gon' be
[Chorus: Logic]

[Verse 3: Prince Jay]
Am i bad?
For feelin' what I am feelin'
If you thinkin' the same put yo hands to the ceiling
You not alone
Just want you to know that you not on your own
Just trust me I happen to know
What you goin' through
It's a matter of time 'fore the feelings are gone
And you reach for the sky
It's just that if your goin' to
Just think what your gon' do
Don't waste all your time
It's a matter of mind
Mind over matter you know
Just stay on the grind
And know that you'll shine
Just stay on the plus it'll show
Yeah stay on the plus it'll show
Stay on the plus it'll [Show]

[Chorus: Logic]

[Outro: Logic]

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