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"Hit My Line"

[Intro: Logic]

[Pre-Chorus: Logic]
I think it's gonna be a good day
Homie got the nine in the glove and he don't play
Had a lot of hard times, but it's okay
101 on the 405, OJ (Okay)
I think it's gonna be a good day
Homie got the nine in the glove and he don't play
Had a lot of hard times, but it's okay
101 on the 405, OJ (Okay)

[Chorus: Logic]
I'm feelin' normal, yeah, I'm feelin' myself
Feelin' good, yeah, I'm feelin' my health
Got a couple plaques up on my shelf
Money in the safe at the crib just to feel my wealth
Think I'm gonna put it all on the line
I think I'm really gonna do it this time
I think I got a whole lot on my mind
Somebody tell God right now He need to hit my line (Yeah, uh)
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