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"Dark Place"

Depression, anxiety got ahold of me
'Cause people say they want the older me
Well, I'm thirty, this the oldest me
Behold it's me, the piece of sh*t that's not good enough
Not black enough, not hood enough
Not rich enough, not poor enough

My heart has poured enough
I been beaten and battered, my confidence shattered
Been broken and tattered
I'm constantly second guessin' if my profession is worth it on my mental state
Writin' this from a dark place with humility and grace
Peace, love, and positivity was my nativity
But not when socials are in my vicinity
I'm not runnin' from the internet
My god, I was at its birth, I've been a vet

Goin' berserk like Peter down in Initech, yo, ayy
It's deeper than the surface, I'm searchin' for purpose
I'm tired of searchin' for Logic on Google on purpose just to read that I'm worthless

I remember makin' music alone, just a pen and a microphone
But nowadays it's hard to get in the zone
Writin' rhymes was easy before the fame
Now I'm constantly overthinkin' every line, it's a shame

Rap used to fill me with joy, now it's nothin' but pain
I'm stuck in the game, tryna get back from where I came
I write this letter for the person who's listenin'
Fed up and tired of people dismissin' 'em, I'm with you
I been through what you been through
And no amount of money can take away the feelin' of insecurity
Only through maturity can we overcome
Feel like I've been overrun, feel like it's over, I'm done
Whoever told you success gon' make you happy? You been lied to
All of my dreams came true but I bleed and cry too

Never been perfect, I failed every time I tried to
Feelin' hated and underappreciated
Every time I look in the mirror, I wonder, "Why you?"
sh*t, I'd love to end this on some positive sh*t
Hit you with punchlines instead of some derogative sh*t
But it's okay to be sad sometimes and tired of sh*t, I guess

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