Aight Dawg lyrics


[Verse 1: Logic]
Ayo, it ain't hard to tell
Light the spliff, I ignite, and inhale
Young Silas on the come up on the rise like braille
Conveil, oh well, yeah we pushing weight like a scale
Bobby got more bars than a jail cell
Still flows bare, well, what can I say (Right dawg)
My net worth is 50 million dollars on a bad day
From Section 8 living in a box to a pad way bigger than my high school (Right dawg)
Kicked out at 16 and went to night school
f**k a vernacular, get the cream and live your life fool
And live your life fool
Ayo I used to work [?] at wing stop, I might
I'm tryna break the cycle, make more money, and I did it
Yo, I did it, yeah I did it, yes I get it, flow crazy
Cuz I'm committed
Got millions, got movies, got novels, I did it
Sold millions of records, I think the people get it y'all
The people (aw, yeah right dawg)

[Verse 2: Logic]
I've been deep in the cut
Plotting my next move while you
Barely scratching the surface like an abrasion
I'm f**king amazing
No they never phase em
You know Ye's first rap name was Black Raisin? (say what?)
I mean we all gotta start somewhere
Rewind my sh*t back, get lost in the art somewhere
I got eight million stories like my name Phife Dawg
f**k the glitz and the glamour, the b*t*hes and cameras
You gotta live your life dawg

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