Yin Yang lyrics


All the little children
Happy little children
In a garden of love
All the little children
Their dreams are filled
With rainbow skies
And pretty butterflies
The dance before your eyes
Keep growing and learning
And reaching for the stars

I remember when I used to get some beat tapes
Make 20 songs every 3 days
Rewind then replay
Thе sheep never understood thе mind of the wolves
I was 17 but I used to feel like I was 92
Working on my music writing in the moonlight
Sleeping in the schoolbus coz it was day all night
Nobody sits with the Outcast, headphones on
Bumping Lose Yourself coz it used to help
Sacrificed my adolescence, maybe I could be a legend
Verbally expressing my passive-aggressiveness
And it was always less
But I'm persevering tryna make a diamond outta stress
Greatness is something that is within you
And even when you die, it continues
They were smoking cigarettes and having drinks
But I was writing lyrics with my spiritual ink
Miracles can happen in a blink
You gotta believe
You gotta believe in better
On the cold nights
When everything gets heated up and starts falling
You gotta change like the weather
Coz I done cries till my tears dried and the fear was high in my mental
My emotional aggravation is a result of my imagination
Being pessimistic, I just need some salvation
Coz my demons are saturating my mind
The voices tell me that there is an aberration inside
But its okay, yeah its okay
You gotta go through the dark to see the new day
But its okay, yeah its okay
You gotta go through the dark
Its a new day
Its a new day
Its a new day
Its a new day

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