Tired In Malibu lyrics


Ayo, I'm tired as f**k
That's what we should call this joint, "Tired In Malibu," hah
Yeah, yeah
I'm 'bout to fall asleep, like, sh*t
I'm 'bout to
Ayy, yo, everything remain raw
Everything remain raw
Everything remain raw
Bussin', bussin' the motherf**ker out

Ayo, check the steez
Shut the f**k up and get off of these
I spit degrees like a professor, never the lesser
Spit flames like gas, picture wordplay Tesla
Word to Elon, huh, never the lesser
I keep the strap in the top drawer of my baby momma dresser
Throwback like a flux capacitor
Shape-shift like an Animorph
You comin' up short like a dwarf
And my sh*t never the same
My fire inevitable, your sh*t never the flame
f**k the rap game, got you in a headlock, best tap, man
Super duper looper-type flow, and I'm the Gat', man
Back in the day, Big Lenbo gave me my rap name
Retired for a minute, but I guess I'm back, man

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