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Lost Boyz



(Yeah I f*cking told them I warned them, Multiple times, Every single f*cking day of my life has been a struggle, Ain't nothing coming back)

(God damn.. f*ck everything bro...)

(Man, I need that f*cking lean pass me that sh*t bro, Man you wanna hit this sh*t?)

(You know that b*tch Jenny bro? That b*tch Jenny bro, I f*cking hate that b*tch! Man f*ck Jenny (Aw God damn!) She f*cking wrecked my heart bro!)

(Verse 1)

b*tch, this Is your warning
This Is your time, ain't no compromise
I just keep it low, I just keep it shadow, I just keep on growing
Feeding off the life of the living
All these dead Rappers, they can't hear me
I am just a lifted King living
Trying not to die, I'm livid
These kids silly, they just tripping, gone off the lean and the Henny
New fine b*tch named Jenny, tryna work It out, It ain't working
Shut the f*ck up, don't you get tired of talking
You look like a birdy, just talking
Tryna find a b*tch, why you stalking?
Yuh, b*tch, this Is your warning, this Is your time
Take off disguise, look in the sky
Look at my eyes, b*tch I'm trying not to die
Bet you talking sh*t, boy you better not lie
Trying my crew telling lies, you had a good one, nice try
Had a good year, flew by
Look at me now, I'm fly, pity on you just for trying
Whole f*cking crew, destroy you in a motherf*cking sentence
Try me b*tch? Learn your motherf*cking lesson
No (?) are sneak dissing
Try me, rest in f*cking pieces

(Verse 2)

C.D.G. got these hoes on me!
Tryna find a light, but you know I can't f*cking see
I got lean on me, and the motherf*cking green
1 time, 2 times, lay It down, now I'm free
Where you getting all this motherf*cking money?
b*tch, you tryna be me like you're in my f*cking story
Biting off my fame, taking all my f*cking glory
Got the whole crew with me, and you know we stay loaded
Cause we're racking up the bands, and It's weighing down my pants
Look into my eyes and I put you in a f*cking trance


Shut the f*ck up, when you're begging on your knees
Talking bout "Propaganda, don't shoot me!"
Better mind your own business, don't try me
1,2,3, took a knife to the gut
Propaganda, when you left that stuff?
Designer on my back, "You don't need that much!"
Got stabbed in the back, can't trust no one
Got a strict b*tch, yeah, I can't have no fun

(Nah, f*ck that!)

Got it all back, gotta hide my f*cking stash
Got it all with me, and my homies have my back
Got my homies with me, and they keep that f*cking strap
We don't know no one like you, and that's a f*cking fact
I don't sleep at night, and my best friend Is my strap
Keep that In mind, keep that In mind
Aye, b*tch, keep that In mind, aye
b*tch, keep that In mind
Aye, my best friend is my strap, aye!


(God f*cking damn. Man, this gon be our f*cking lives right here, man Damn.. You ready for this sh*t? Plane to plane, City to city.. I'm ready bro, Are you f*cking ready for this? We gotta put our all into this.. Nobody's going to understand our lives, but you know, f*ck It, f*ck them!)

(Damn, What she say? Man, f*ck that b*tch.. I don't got time for b*tches no more man... No f*cking time for these hoes.... f*ck these hoes..)

(You gon hit this.... What do you think about this?)

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