Make This Money, Take This Money
[Intro: Ol' Dirty B*st*rd, (I-Born)]
KnowI'msayin? (U.K.) You know what the f**k time it is!
KnowI'msayin? These the Brooklyn Zu motherf**kers!
You know who the f**k this is!
It's the Dirt Dog and I represent all this sh*t!
Motherf**kers! KnowI'msayin? I hold all this sh*t the f**k down!
KnowI'msayin? Anybody got any motherf**kin problems?!?
You see me n***a, motherf**ker!

[Hook 4X: I-Born *in background of intro*]
Raise drama, spark war
I keep the gat singin, slug love
We go through nuff slang

[Chorus x.25: Ol' Dirty B*st*rd]
We gonna make this money and take this money!
Make this money and take this money!
Make this money and take this money!
Make this money and take this money!

What the f**k was on these n***as mind?
Buzzer be the crunch time, cuts feelin like ice grillers
Stalk the gat, carbon spark, talk burners
Mic murder fiends, dangerous strangers
Red beam dot, hoes return, rapid fire when the po' lick shot
Spit where the wigs top, get got, hot
Roof top marksman, heat hittin, grapevine, listen
Charles Lee, great ski thought, just because
F**k jake, inter-state, D takes he, judge street
Court, king sees thought, lot of life trife
Complete, dirty life, dirty dirty dirty beef
Servin worthy streets, holdin holster heat for chaos
Mega-b***erfly, wings crawler, dust strong, cut strong
Get 'em all, f**kin with teflon

F**kin with me? The God have handicap plates
Arrogant, I'm like a pimple I come all out my face
Thug thesbian, yo semi the Shy hold two heats
I'm like the ASPCA, I put dogs to sleep
Ten cars deep plus three limos and a hurse
All because he was a Sprite kid obeyin his thirst
Keep him runnin like adrenaline, I could smoke a hundred men
And when he go to Heaven, who'll kill him again?
Ask anybody in my hood, they could a ref cuz I'm bad
I died once, escape my second life sentence

I play the four-fifth of this outfit
Cronz 'bout it, 'bout it, for dough I live
Faggots off the streets when it's crowded
Master breath control, make the death toll rise
Stress calls in pies, watch the Lex go by
Baby brown Wallabees, spray towns into policy
Bugged, not anthropology, watch the world acknowledge me
Cronz Dada, went from zero to Don
When I'm done bustin, the whole police hero respond

[12 O'Clock]
N***a know my steez, so I jet to D.C
Chromed down M3, n***a that play B.E.T
John Clair, why these faggot a** n***as stare?
Don't they know my man carry the big bear? He don't care
They say he hold n***a's fruit like pear, pu**y come here
Let me whisper in your ear, I make your click disappear
I play the wizard, bring blizzards
Fo'-fo' heavy when I lift it, Puffy sh*t I diss it