Rain, Pour
[Bomb Official]
Yo, I be the boss of the bossman, supplying the team
Be the jack of all trades, you can crown me king
Put a stop to ya whole regime, when I step on the scene
They just love it how a gangsta lean
Be my stats, so I wore my hat low, no Fidel Castro
And I ain't talking bout my cash flow
I got coke out the a**, yo
And the mean is green weed, just sprinkle the seeds and watch the gra** role
Life in the fast lane, I'm into fast dames
That like doing something strange for a piece of change
Call me propane, cuz I'm known to spit flames
And torture n***a, whether from far or close range

[Chorus 2X: L.E.O.]
Rain, pour, these boys bring thunder
Ya'll slow 'caine with hurricane storms this summer
Look, we the umbrella you under
We the money you re-up, you just a little come up

[Mike Millz]
I done been around the world, seen a lotta sh*t
Fought alotta n***as, seduced alotta chicks
Did all of my jail time, never did I snitch
Rep the wall wit gem stars, never got a skitch
Off a rep, I warn a n***a, stop the charades
Since my high school days, I been popping the gauge
Went from jump shots to handling the rock, to get paid
Now they wave, cuz I made it from the block to the stage
What a feeling, and it used to be me
Greeted and treated like a star, for tormenting these beats
I walk the streets without a care in the world, that's how I dose it
Even the youngings, admire how I thug it
Got to love it, I went from rubbers to star studded
And on top of all that, I'm well respected by the public
I ain't got a blood or crip tear tat in my face
To prove that the kid match my great, in this b*t*h

[Chorus 2X]

F**ked up alot of lives, product I sodomize
Coke holla crime, but holla I'm, dollar signs
Out of this grind, out of my mind
Well, not at the time, I stop at the prime
I'll die, know that I try to get chips, know that I ride
Don't cry, just try to get rich b*t*h
F**k a cell block, n***a, I bail hop
Gingerbread runaway train, until the rail stop
Now, picture me rolling, b*t*hes burning, snitching
Roast is the work, cuz now I'm pitching the murders
Picture me under the building, gun by the pillar
Nothing but killas, drug dealers, young n***as
Dag, welcome to puff golla, know what the marks know
Talk to the NARC's now, walk through the dark
And see scars of stigmata on his rider
Know that I was marked by the big father, holla
[Chorus 2X]