[Intro: (sample) Shyheim]
(Hurry hurry, step right up, see the phattest show in town
For only fifty cents...)
Mmm, rest in peace Lil' Gil, still got you
And everybody else that died in the party
It's so sad, you know? But we gotta face reality
Sh*t happens... deal with it

A black smoke, tinted out Lexus
Slowly pulled up to the back door of the club exit
Sure brolic n***as got out first, brandish your weapons
I guess it was the check if the coast was clear
Shy hopped out, cell phone to his ear
Whoever he was talking to, had him laughing
We caught eye contact, as he was pa**ing
He nodded his head, as if to say peace
His man had a machine that looked like it made beats
I hurried up and paid my fifteen beans
Seen Free, her a** was popping out her a** like squeeze me
Headin' to the bar for a double shot of that easy, to please me
Slow on my mouth, now I'm baby sipping
Big pimpin', the DJ announced, show time in five minutes
Everybody started rushin' in a rage, to get closer to the stage
I grabbed the poster off the wall, for memoribilia
"Up from the 36 Chambers!" Came blastin' out the speaker
The atmosphere was real dark, and all you seen was a lighter spark
This girl next to me, screamed out, "that's my heart"
And his first words smokin', was "Yo, in here smokin'?"
Wild hands in the air, but ironically, he pa**ed it to me
So I'm blowin', now he flowin', some sh*t that went like this
I drink ice water, and p*ss it out, my pistol's out
Witness how, he put the mic down on the ground
And kept flowin', acapella like a broadway play
Everybody was quiet, cuz they wanted to hear what he had to say
Before he could utter another bar, or all I saw was people scattering
Then I felt the pain, in my chest and abdomen
And as I was fallin' to floor...
My and Shyheim caught eye contact once more

[Interlude: Shyheim]
As the bullets is burning... I kept seeing my life
Flash in front of my face

Her mother gave birth, left her son in the hospital
Cryin' in the incubator, course he won't care years later
Things wasn't that great, being the warden of the state
So a drug slingin', gun payin' n***a was his fate
He loved his game, put his pride in his flag
Named most unlikely to succeed in his cla**
Got to get that cash, was his first priority
So he robbed a man, first degree armed robbery
Shipped him to Aulburn, he worked in the armory
Made it second born, boys was at Port Authority
They smoked some weed, drunk a little liquor
He took off his shirt, and showed me, he got a little bigger
Scars on his back, from the wars he be in
Asked him why it happen, he said, part I've been in
Got the D.N.A., of the B.L.E., inside of him
F**k a C.L.K., two AK's, is better than him

[Outro: Shyheim]
Shouldn't let the chicken heads with they legs spread open
Cook me.... runnin' wild in the crowd, buckwild
In the Isle, could be...
You don't think for yourself, and you follow the crowd
It could be... stay out of trouble my n***a