All Out On My Own
Yo, what the deal?
Criminals, what up?
We're not born we're created
From the streets
And this goes out to all my thugs, criminals, ballers, hustlers
Big up to self, Big up to self
Get y'all weight up
No diggity, No doubt
G.P. Wu, Yo drop my sh*t right now

I gotta get my weight up
F**k eight balls I'm flippin kilos
Did dirt so now I lay low from street foes
Broke n***as and b*t*hes wanna take what I got
Tell the jakes about my spots
They mad cuz I make a lot
From Monday through Sunday I see about a million
Run with thugs that's down for killin, civilians
I'm thug related, pack nuff heat, they call me fire
N***as fear my verbal technique cuz I'm Kaiser
So say I represent the ghetto worldwide
Bust techs, puff lye
From A to Z's Doe or Die
F**k around and get lifted off this Earth
Take my word for what it's worth
I put that on the turf
Chorus: [Shyheim] (Squig) {2X}

I'm all out on my own, I'm goin out son
I'm all out on my own, I'm goin out (dun)
I'm all out on my own, I'm goin out
(Like Patty LaBelle said I'm out on my own)

I'm all out on my own like Al Capone
Cuz n***as want my dome, so I pack a 4 lb. chrome
Stash it near my nuts in the front
But keep it in arm distance cuz I'm gonna have to bust
The first victim that comes too close to me and sh*t
My clips packed up thick legit and victed
To go to war at any given time
I gotta protect me and mine
Before the damn flat line
I'm still young but I'm growin up mad fast
Treated like trash and dumped out on my a**
No one understands me but me
Nobody cares about how I feel but me
So what I gotta do is do for me
I wonder how that be goin all out for me
I got mad problems but I try to deal wit em
I wish that I could fight em
And shoot the fear one wit em
But the devil keeps on hawkin me
My soul he wantin G
But that sh*t I can't see
Chorus {2X}

I had many dreams of being a star in the NBA
But they got thrown away when I saw them slingin yay
I put the ball down, picked the ounce up, then I read up
Now I'm 200 G's up and on my uptown
To meet up with these big druglords from Cuba
I don't trust em like a chickenhead so I'm bring the luger
And my 19-9-6 shot beamer
Flying on the West Side highway, that's when I seen her
Van full of jiggy
Oh now they wanna get me
At full pushin 80 max while I'm hittin the buck 50
N***as know Dig me blazin the la-la
The weed keep me zoned word to Taiwana
K-basa baby, you know who loves you girl
Young wild thugs we rule the world

Chorus {2X}

[Shyheim] (Squig)
Yea, Uh, I'd like to give a mad big up
(No doubt, represent)
Respect to the 2 Cent click
B-I, my man Ty motha f**kin D
(What up Ski?)
One time, Squig, word up, Vin-cent
Redman, Rubba-Rubba-Rubbabandz
Hah hah, and it, and it don't stop