Trust it’s On
[Intro: Shyheim]
27 (yeah yeah)
(Shyheim) 27
Microphone check 27
(Wu-Tang Killa Beez)
Microphone check

Sealed indictments, made my click vanish
Got me corresponding with my n***as in Clinton Annex
I run when the Jiggy come, I'm on probation
Can't get caught with another gun, serious business
That's why I never be in one spot for more than 5 minutes!
A menace like O-Dog, Oh Lord!
You will be a body and your man will be a witness
Do it for dolo, Shy needs no a**istance!
If I'm with my n***as, then we co-defendants
One love, one thug 'till the last slug
Made up mad slang when my phone was bugged
You bite so much, your mind on high speed dub
Copy my sh*t, I'll f**k you up in the club
You can get your doors, Glocks and 44s
What you think they stop making guns when they made yours?
27, we get money and break laws, gettin' you sick
We be all up in your pores

[Hook: Infamous Bluesteele]
Yo, this sh*t blow
Let your guns bust, It's on!
When you see my fam commin' with the rush, It's on!
When we crush, It's On!
When we flush, It's on!
And when my fam get the urge to hit that dust
It's on! Yo, this sh*t blow
When you trust, it's on!

I'm like Ice Cube, to my shows I bring a Mack 10
With the Teflon vest on, more points than an octagon
You can trust it's on, that's my word is bond
I put that on Twin, n***as is broke
They don't bail out, they blood in
Then they blood out when I bring the thug out
Make them cough up a lung out on the concrete
I Roc-A-Fella like Bleek, n***as know me
I think your CD is weak, if the sh*t ain't in my Jeep
Straight cheese, skinny n***a but I walk like I'm C*ck-Diese
Death to my enemy's...


[Infamous Bluesteele]
When I be yellin' "blaze 'em"!
And if you got the razor, shave 'em!
And if you got the 44 to lift 'em up
Raise 'em, just don't come
Runnin' back to me, sayin' I grazed 'em
You grazed 'em, What?!? Son, you better murder the man
We leave his body in the soil, so we fertiliin'
And if you heard of the plan, then you know how we rock
You don't never graze a n***a, make his heartbeat stop
And it's hardly not likely of us
To leave a n***a leakin' and slightly touched
That thing might need to bust cause precisely he bust
And he could turn a hard rock, Icee to slush
And it might be the trust, that I gave 'em before
If Kani get upset, son it's blazin' galore!
Shy say, f**k the roof! Son, I'm raising the floor!
And my ? don't sh*t, that's why you praising the lord
(Praising the lord) What?!
(N***a) (Straight Up)