Pass it Off (Underground Remix)
[Intro: Shyheim]
Yo, y'all crazy, son
Big up June Lova, word up
How you feel Killa Kane?
Comin at'ca like this, word up
Yo, this goes out to my man X
2 Cent and Tone, rest in peace, baby
Representin Staten Island to it's fullest
Keith Murray in the house
Big up Big Daddy Kane
Droppin down on this track

[Verse 1: Shyheim]
You better look out kid cuz I'm the Wu-Tang's smallest artist
When I come thru n***as be jettin like I'm narcotics
I'm the shorty that'll bust but yet I hit the hardest
When I rose up on ya squad just show me where ya heart is
Just start and snitch like a b*t*h, cold drop a dime
I cut that a** short like a tree of alpine
But I'm not lumberjack, black and a matter of fact
I flip that a** like two kilo's of crack packs
I let off quick like a four-fifth automatic
Who got Static like Spike Lee? I gotta have it
And give it to ya a** raw like a proud faggot
I keep 'em movin like I did on my first LP
I stay true to The Grain of G.P
Word to my motha I could never be a sucka
I Die Hard too, yipee-cahier mothaf**ka

[Verse 2: Down Low Recka]
Now it's the Down Low comin thru with the roughness
Technique, n***as packin needles can't bust this
Teflon style that I master, my art
Hit the chart, wait, combine with the track from the heart
I take shape and break, the best when they fake
Maneuvers, are natural born when into these losers
Ego bruiser, fly b*t*h chooser
Marijuana user, Valentine Hell enducer
Be too slick and sly for the guy with the best try
N***a fake a move, ya gotta die
I got the loaded clip and I'm about to show ya how
We murder n***as slang with the slang from the Shaolin Isle

[All] Pa** it off I wanna flip!
[Shy] They got me vexed son
[All] Pa** it off!
[DLR] I got 'em runnin for protection
[All] Pa** it off I wanna flip!
[Rub] Eh yo, it's burnin hot
[All] Pa** it off!
[Pop] About to wet up the whole block

[Verse 3: Big Daddy Kane]
There's a new sheriff in town to get down
A hip-hop father figure in rap nah f**k around
Executin homocidal lyrics from the throat
My mob's on it for me, then Murder She Wrote
Because I leave a rapper ruined for what ya think ya doin
I'm the raw one they try to be pursuin
Once I step up on the mic your squad's out of site
Couldn't come hard if you was Jerry at a fight
I don't feel fear but I bring a real scare
When I'm on a rapper's like a cripple in a wheelchair
Terrorize ya whole crew when I come thru
But now I'm sayin "See? I shouldn't've listened to y'all"
[Verse 4: Pop Da Brown Hornet]
It's time to bust a cherry, or should I say a nut?
You can run if you want to, I'll still catch you in your b***
I'm aim is on point like a racist cop
And I get down and dirty like a project mop
If you're in between a crack I'll find just where you're at
Expose you, beat ya a** like no one knows you
I have no sympathy for no mouse emcee
Once I snap you in my trap there ain't no turnin back
I got you where I want you, that's under my wing
You ain't sh*t, your wisdom treats me like a king
So please mothaf**ka with that premium choice sh*t
By the looks of things, I think that it's best ya forfeit
A true experience should be taken for a scroll
I'm big time baby, ya gonna need a centerfold


[Verse 5: Rubbabandz]
Murder, all I see is gats in my mind
C*ck back ready for combat, pa** the nine
I'm a mind blower, constructin boats like Noah
So I could never drown in this rap thing
I keeps it real, like Shaquille O'Neal on the court
Better recognize or get played like a sport
My flow's comin down, somethin terrible
Down pat when I be on the train ridin R tracks
Lyrics is phat, contact, the lyrical smoke got me open
Infact, I think I'm ready to rock steady
I leave ya white like Betty
Froze you and plus you're not quick like Ever-ready
Oh sh*t that clown just took the bait
And lost more blood then Nobra lost weight
Prepare for gladiation, I'ma send the nation
It doesn't matter if you're Japanese or Jamaican
[Outro: Shyheim]
Yea, yea, yea, that was superior
Yea, yea, let's get up outta here
Word life, peace