Yeah, Yeah
When I showed up, all the mafiosos was coked up
They offered me a bump, I told Paulie I ain't want none
I came here for business, not to have fun
I sat down and preceded to roll myself a blunt
I licked the Dutch, like Cousin Vinnie, what up?
I need a raise on my cut, I been moving so much
Last month, I bring back a hundred plus, plus I sold 200 guns
He said, you know what? You absolutely right, son
Even though, you're a n***a, you still one of us
I'm like don't play those race games with me, you fat guinea f**k
So when the room got quiet, I grabbed my fire, they grabbed they fired
Then we all started laughing, like the devil's a liar
Joey pa** me the lighter, then I lit the piff
The duffle bags with the bricks
Picked up the bags with the cash
And fellas, I'd love to chat, but I gotta dash

I had dimes on the strip, and I was going strong
Ya'll playing with them 'knicks', should of got LeBron
Sh*t go wrong, just gotta think ya'll
When you don't think far, shoot a n***a, he blink hard
Linked off, real n***a that let a thing off
I ain't under the wing, I ain't the type you can think for
We those type of n***a like don't let a speak tough
Keep on, n***as that R.E., treat our
N***as accordingly, yeah accordingly
I ain't been seen since the summer, I only reach out quarterly
Orally, the only way n***as want war with me
That's no homo, I speak it metamorphically
Historically, no loyalty amongst thieves
But my royalties, keep n***as loyal amongst me
See a sign, read mine every day of the week
Play like I sleep when I pray on the weak
Move with the strong, God, it keeps you moving along
If that fall that never back, look like the rule of a pawn
Yeah, and that's the rule of a pawn
Now do to the don, cool as a farm, Louis Vutton

Yo, they call him Shyheim and his black partner L.E.O. Tiny
Don't f**k with him, he's so grimey
They was f**king with this cat named Vito Shiny
They got a hundred percent, but they D broke 90
Anyway, they shot him in his peephole, slimey
And took me for a kilos, grimey
Two brothers on a rampage, son, want Rico, finally
Call up the payphone, error
Shyheim and L.E.O. is good together
Never lie, never tell, still would never
Ever ever snitch on each other, they know better
The coat weather, or should I say oh sweater, I'm talking loyalty