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Max Frost

"A$$hole (No Apologies)"

It ain't my fault, why you so mad now
You wanna argue when I just wanna laugh
We don’t gotta make our ears ring over petty things
Oh, nah, nah nah

Eh, know what I'm saying 'cause I just say it
And if you love it I probably hate it
Not sorry, I’m so opinionated

We both know that I can be so cynical
Sometimes hypocritical
You tell me check my ego
But it ain't like you think tho

I don't mean to be an as*h**e
I guess it just comes natural
But I know you love my brutal honesty
Got no apologies
I don't always gotta be right
But you know I am most times
And I'm sorry but I got a policy
Of no apologies

You say, I'm such a pessimist
I say, don't kill the messenger
Okay, I talk a little reckless
You call it arrogance, I call it common sense
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