"Lick My Balls"

Ay, ay
If you got some goldfish eat that sh*t right now n***a
Yeah, yeah

b*t*h I'm broke as f**k, i can't shower
Hit that b*t*h from the back she singin' like a choir
I'm like damn baby poke yo' ass with this wire
n***as switching up like some f**king tires

Ooh, skirt, pull up, dirt, hold up, work
You and work
Bang man, beat my balls
Your b*t*h, she sucked, my f**king balls
She sucked my balls n***a, she licked the back
I'm like damn baby, why you so damn f**king fat
Lick yo booty crack, lick that ass crack
And she sh*tted in my mouth and I tasted
I'm like damn b*t*h, shut up b*t*h
Run up in yo' house with a kitchen on you b*t*h
She gon' suck this d**k until a n***a f**king quit
Ballin' on these n***as in the garden little d**k
Bang n***a, bang n***a
She just want my thing
I'm like I don't know, n***a I'm eatin' chicken wings
Eatin' chicken wings, better love the same
When I da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da gay
Walking with a cane 'cus I can't walk
My leg broke off, so I can't talk
She sucked my d**k with some white chalk
I'm like damn girl
Why not?
Why knock, shot, bang, pop
Shoot 'em in his head, then that n***a gon' drop
Yeah like LeBron make that n***a f**kin' fly
She gon' give me top, top, top...

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