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Lil Dude

"Many Men"

[Verse 1: Lil Dude]
Around my neck b*tch not a rope
Pull in your block with a stick and scope
I don't f*ck with these n*ggas these n*ggas need hope
I come on your block bumping a coat
I bubble it down
Don't f*ck with these n*ggas, these n*ggas, they clowns
Came with the stick everybody get down
I pop me a perc and I smoke the whole pound
Found me a Glock in the lost in found

[Verse 2: Xanman]
All my life been surrounded by hoarders
Pour wock in the Vitamin Water
Trapping it out bought my first pair of Jordans
Chopper make a n*gga jump in like Corbin
Spin a bin, U-U, no foreign
He say he plug that n*gga is cordless
Call Dude, he gon slide in a foreign
He wanted a QP got shorted

[Verse 3: Lil Dude]
Pew pew out of the AR
I'm serving the goop out of the jar
So much Gucci could have bought a car
I'm shooting at n*ggas and they playing ball
I f*ck on your b*tch in she wanna have a menage
I'm posted up top the circle with Ahk
Im rocking D&G these n*ggas is peons
These diamonds on me they wet like a pond

[Verse 4: Xanman]
I shoot with a pistol, they call me Bon
He gone
New Saint Laurent
We robbing the plug then we buying the farm
That n*gga ain't want no smoke like an alarm
Sticks on my hands they looking like pom poms
Come to that n*gga door dressed like im Papa John's
Lil f*ck n*gga not eating like Ramadan
Goofy ass n*gga needa go to comic con

[Verse 5: Lil Dude]
Delete your whole block with the mother f*cking K
I'm outside all day just like a runaway
Chopsticks singing like it was a Sunday
I'm making too many plays up on that one way
Grew up a lowlife thinking bout gunplay
We pull up and rip, it turn into a runway
Pew pew pew f*cking your good day
Turn these names into a new hood day

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